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Taking Your Business To A New Dimension? A 3D Printer Is The Key

Manufacturing companies don’t have it easy. Not only do they have to cover the same admin bases as other firms, but they also have to produce their goods and services. For the most, an average business outsources this element and shifts the responsibility. You, however, have to take it on the chin and worry about the costs in the process. Yep, being a lean manufacturer is difficult, but every now and again, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. In your case, that light is a 3D printer, and below are the reasons it can change the way you do business forever.

Very Adaptable

It isn’t rare to find technology which does not apply to your industry. Even something as accessible as an application is exclusive when you decide which platform to use. For a lot of companies, this can be a big problem as the exclusive nature of the product doesn’t allow the firm to benefit. 3D printing is not one of these products. Quite simply, it is available across a wide range of industries, from communication to automotive. A company such as Moons Industries supplies parts to manufacturers from the aerospace and automotive sectors, too. As a result, there aren’t many businesses which cannot use a printer to reverse engineer products or lower stock levels.

Cheaper Alternative

A high-quality model will set the company back more than $5,000. To all small business owners: don’t worry because no one expects you to fork out the cash. What they do expect is for you to find a cheap alternative. Like all pricey items, there are bargains on the market if you are willing to look. Indeed, the Peachy Printer is a mere $100, and there are lots which are less than $1,000. Even if this appears to be costly, think about the alternatives. Injection molding rates, for example, can be up to $70 an hour. In comparison, a printer is by far the cheapest option at a company’s disposal.

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Makes R&D More Efficient

How many times have you designed a product only for the customer or client to say no? If you have been in the industry for a long time, it could be hundreds or thousands of times. The reason for this is your ability to sell. Like all good salespeople, there is an art to pitching the idea with words. For those of you who aren’t wordsmiths, this puts you at a distinct disadvantage. Plus, it is a potential waste of time and money, both of which you can’t afford to lose. With 3D printing services, you can make a cheap and quick prototype as research shows that customers and clients react better to visual stimulation. If you have a sample to hand, the odds of them accepting your proposal are higher.


Manufacturers are at the mercy of the manufacturing constraints. For instance, a lack of training may prevent the firm from producing units and limit its output. Or, a lack of money could stop you from reacting to the demands and constraints of the process. In layman’s terms, things get in the way and inhibit the business’s ability to make goods and, therefore, money. Printers can get around these issues because of two simple reasons. The first you already know: they are cost-effective. With a printer, there is no need to worry about the lack of funds bottlenecking the production line. Secondly, they are simple to use. Anyone with common sense can turn on a 3D printer and start the supply chain. Indeed, these are the reason the average production time is less than 2 hours.

Reinforces Your Position

Whether you are convinced or not, your competitors are. As Forbes points out, 3D printing has started a technological revolution. And, if you are not apart of it, you will only get left behind. By investing in the industry, it is more than likely that you will keep your position in the market. The businesses who fall behind are the ones who don’t react and adapt with the times. Even if the idea isn’t one which appears lucrative, keeping a hold of your market share is. Creative bosses don’t like to hear it, but at times being successful means copying the competition. Simply put, it is a consideration every manufacturing firm needs to consider if they value making money.

3D printing saves time, makes money, and increases output. In any industry, these are the characteristics which make technologies a must-have.

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