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Strategic Choices Boost Efficacy of Promotional Products

Promotional items have been a marketing tool seemingly since the dawn of time. Perhaps the first chisel used to carve a wheel had a Craftsman logo on it. But there is a reason that products with business names and logos have been popular so long: They work. Who doesn’t have a tote bag in their home that they got years ago but still use to transport groceries from the store to the cupboard? Here are some fundamentals about the power of promotional products and how to choose the best ones.

Give and Ye Shall Receive

When you give useful free items, the recipients are more likely to feel the need to give something back, such as their patronage to your business. Marketing research shows that 52 percent of people who received a promotional gift ended up doing business with the company. And, if you give them something they really value, they will have a higher opinion about your brand. Try one of these gifts:

  • Food items that have a long shelf life
  • Functional products such as grocery bags, writing utensils, or calendars
  • Sticky notes or other office supplies

Make It Last

If you decide to invest in promotional items, you want your efforts to reach the widest audience possible. Therefore, you should choose items that can be used regularly and into the future. Avoid products that will be consumed and then thrown away. Seasonal products are one option, particularly if your business has a specific timeframe associated with it, such as an ice cream shop. However, it is better to customize products that can be functional year-round such as:

  • Metal or durable plastic water bottles
  • Clothing or hats
  • Electronics accessories such as thumb drives, phone chargers, or mouse pads

Being Strategic

Taking a thoughtful approach to selecting promotional items will work to your advantage. Instead of just putting your company name and logo on anything you can, try to anticipate where the consumer will be using the product. That clue will help you keep your business name at the top of their minds when they are ready to make a purchase. Consider some of these examples:

  • Fitness centers could offer gym bags, towels, or yoga mats as a sign-up gift for new members.
  • Grocery stores might give out reusable bags, chip clips, or produce nets to loyal customers.
  • Bridal shops could consider offering wedding gown bags, picture frames, or wedding cake toppers to women who purchase dresses.

There are thousands of products available to businesses that want to promote their brand for years to come. Taking the time to choose the best options will help ensure their reach is far and wide.

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