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Startup Secret Weapons

As an entrepreneur, your startup’s success largely depends on your vision, abilities and persistence, but it does not depend on that alone. There are a number of startup secret weapons, which, if you use them to your full advantage, will ensure that yours is one of the 20 percent of new businesses that succeed.

To help you out, here are some of the most important startup secret weapons you need:

A Mentor(s)

Having one or more mentors who have been there and done it all before you will help to set you apart from other entrepreneurs. You will have direct access to years of wisdom, hard work and trial and error, not to mention a few choice industry connections, which will enable you to skip a few steps on the journey to startup success, which will put you ahead of the competition and lead you towards great things.

So, if you do nothing else in this post, make a real effort to find an amiable mentor who’s successful in their own business and who is happy to impart their knowledge to you.

Virtual Assistants

When you’re just starting out, chances are you won’t have a huge budget to employ a whole office of staff to keep things running, but as the brains behind the operation, you really shouldn’t be doing all of the daily admin work yourself. Step in virtual assistants – those wonderful online helpers who can help you forge a path to startup success.

With a highly flexible virtual assistant by your side, you can ensure that paperwork is filed, calls are taken, and meetings booked while you concentrate on the creative, money-making side of the business, and it won’t cost you nearly as much as the handful of employees you might otherwise need!


As a startup, it’s paramount that you get your business branding right from the off. If your branding is good, it will attract your target audience and help you to get things off the ground. Of course, branding services can be expensive, UNLESS you use Crowdspring.

Crowdspring gives you access to crowdsourced creative services, so that you can design your new logo, come up with an effective strapline and start promoting your business in the best possible way without spending thousands of dollars to do so.


Having a professional company website is also essential if you want your startup to be successful, especially, of course, if your business is primarily online. Unfortunately, unless you have a background in web design, it can be tough time-consuming and expensive. The good news is that Squarespace makes it a whole lot easier by enabling you to create your own unique business website using award-winning templates which are fully customizable. You won’t have to hire a professional, but you can be sure that the end result will be a clean, attractive, easy to use website that will draw the customers in.

A Good Copywriter

Last, but certainly not least, hiring a professional copywriter, even if only on a freelance basis, will give you an advantage over entrepreneurs who create their own content, by ensuring your website, social media and advertising is persuasive and exciting.

Armed with these secret weapons, your success is all but ensured.

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