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Software That’ll Limit Your Company’s Safety Concerns

With almost every company having an online presence, it has become more important than ever to ensure that your data is safe and secure. Many companies have fallen to cyber-attacks that have wiped out their data and compromised customers personal records. There have even been cases of internal security breaches that have caused a lot of damage. That is why it is vital that businesses do all they can to limit their chances of a data breach.

Virus Software

One of the first things every company needs is a reliable and strong virus software. It will not only protect the company from outside attacks, but it will also prevent viruses from being carried in USB sticks that are used by employees.

It can not only help on the computer system, but also on company mobiles and tablets. You can usually find a mobile version of your chosen virus software on the company’s website.

Password Software

One of the top issues with employee terminals is the security of passwords. Even if you have given extensive training on the use of passwords in the office, there may still be incidents where passwords have been shared or written on monitors.

With software such as Keeper, you can eliminate the issue of password security. It can safely store every employee’s password in the cloud with the user the only one able to access it. It is the perfect solution to password security for both office workers and remote workers.

Cloud Based Working

An excellent way to protect your data is to transfer all your information to the cloud. It might sound like a curious way to run a business, but the benefits are easy to understand.

The idea is to have all your data stored off-site in the cloud. There are many applications that can offer this working such as Office 365 from Microsoft. You will need a license for the product, and this can be handled by companies such as Bytes, who help with set-up and management of the software.

The good thing about this solution is that you can keep backups of all your documents and information in the cloud on their servers. It ensures that your company data and customer information is secure and protected from any possible attacks. It is also easily recovered if something goes wrong, and it means hackers cannot hold your information as ransom.

Up to Date Operating Systems

One of the good things about using older operating systems is that any loopholes in security have been patched. However, it is still vital that you make sure all your computers are kept up to date with all their software. You won’t have to worry about cloud-based software as this will be automatically updated for you.

With measures such as these in place, you can help ensure that all bases are covered with regards to your company’s security. Other precautions such as only allowing access to sensitive information to those who need it, can also secure your computer systems.

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