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Social Media: How To Achieve Quality & Quantity

If you want to succeed at social media, you can’t afford to go in half-hearted. It’s a tough thing to get involved with, and it requires serious work and dedication. You need to match two critical areas of success together. These are quality and quantity.

The former surrounds the quality of your posts and how engaging they are for those who view them. The latter surrounds the amount that you can post to keep churning out regular content. If you fail in either area, you’re going to reduce the chances of success.

But, it’s a hard task to get both of these elements right. There are a few ways to make it easier for yourself, so let’s take a look.

Grammar Checking

Let’s start by focusing on the quality side of things. If you want to make sure your social media output makes the right impression, grammar checking is crucial. Failing to do this can result in poorly worded posts that make your business come off as amateur. It doesn’t matter how many posts you decide to make after this; your reputation will already have suffered. There are a variety of online tools to help you get your grammar right.


One of the bad things about social media is that you don’t always have a lot to say on there. Your followers don’t care about boring details like what you had for breakfast this morning! So, how can you maintain quality and quantity when there’s nothing to say? You look elsewhere. By creating lists on Twitter, you can form a group of content providers that post interesting stuff. Then, it’s just a case of searching through the posts and retweeting anything that takes your fancy. That way, you’re still staying active and providing quality content.

Go Beyond Social Media

If you want to go a step further to provide engaging content, you could go beyond social media. Other elements of marketing can prove very effective when it comes to creating compelling social media content. Guest blogging service strategies can help to generate things like blogs that you can share on Facebook. Don’t forget other considerations like infographics that can turn boring info into fascinating visuals.

Paid Advertising

You don’t always have to focus on quantity if you’re getting involved in paid advertising. The idea of this is to get a specific post or set of posts onto the screens of people who fit the right demographic. Ultimately, you should find that you’ll benefit from additional followers as a result. As long as you set it up in the right fashion, paid advertising can be extremely beneficial.

Share Across Platforms

Of course, sometimes the easiest way to generate quality content is to share it across multiple platforms. You’re making it difficult for yourself if you’re focusing on each social media platform individually. There are too many of them nowadays! Most successful social media marketers share the same posts across these platforms. The big thing to remember is that you need to tailor them based on the platform they’re going on. That’s all there is to it!

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