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Snakes & Ladders – Tips For Moving Up The Corporate Chain

As an ambitious person, you want to shoot for the stars and beyond. Let’s face it – no one intends to stagnate at the bottom of the corporate ladder. Still, it doesn’t matter what you want if you don’t go out and grab it by the lapels. The most successful people don’t wait for the opportunities to come to them, and you mustn’t do the same. But, you can’t do it by alienating your co-workers, so you need to attract attention without seeming like a teacher’s pet.

Here is a handful of ways that will make sure you hit a ladder and not a snake.

Dress To Impress

Most companies have policies when it comes to their dress code as they want to give off a good image. However, employees always find around these rules, especially if they want to chill and relax in the office. For example, they will wear a polo top with a flimsy collar instead of a business shirt. Please don’t be one of these people. As www.wsj.com points out, the top brass notice and judge the workers that take their appearance seriously. To them, it seems as if they are ready to tackle the day every time they get out of bed, which is what they want from the workforce. It is always what they desire in the people higher up the food chain.


Be Tidy

Like your appearance, employers judge employees on their ability to be tidy. Sure, they go to http://bcijanitorial.com and hire them to clean the office, and that’s fine. But, they aren’t looking at your household skills – they are looking how you carry yourself around the office. Your bosses probably won’t go ballistic if you don’t wash up a few plates in the kitchen, for instance. They will go ballistic if your workspace is messy and disorganised and it affects your ability to do your job. The area around your desk should always be spick and span as it shows the bosses you are an able and meticulous worker.


Take Initiative

In fact, that should say take the initiative without being asked, and don’t go looking for credit. Tavorro.com notes that the hierarchy loves employees that take control because they don’t need to give them instructions. They know that once they finish one job, they will go onto the next and then the next. By the end of the day, a worker that takes control completes a pile of work without their boss barking out orders. Managers love this feature for obvious reasons, the first one being it helps raise productivity. The second is just important from your point of view, though. Taking control is a feature of a boss because employees tend to need guidance. If you don’t, you tick all the right boxes when it comes to a promotion.

It isn’t easy getting the promotion you want, which is why the final tip is to have patience. Give it time and survey the landscape, and, if nothing changes, move. Until then, however, play the long game.

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