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Simple Ways To Ensure Your Staff Feel Valued

As a manager of people, it’s vital to the success of your business to keep your team happy, efficient, and confident. The best way to do this is by treating your staff as your priority, communicating effectively, and being a person on whom they can rely. It isn’t rocket science; there are just a few simple ways you can ensure that your staff feel valued by you, and enjoy the work they do.

Appraise them frequently

If you and your team keep open lines of communication regarding expectations, then they will feel more confident when it comes to seeking help. Have regular appraisals or progress meetings with them on an individual basis, and make sure you praise anything worthy. Positive reinforcement breeds trust and good feelings on both sides and is more likely to see them working for recognition in the future.

Challenge them

People want to know that they are trusted by their manager to take on new tasks. It gives them a sense of progression, even if there is no promotion available. People never want to stop learning, so it’s easy for staff to feel like they’ve stagnated if you never stretch them. They will relish a new challenge, and feel honored that you asked them to undertake something new.

Show you recognize their individual talents

Workers are not all the same – they have different strengths, weaknesses, interests and dislikes, and it’s important to treat them as such. If you know that someone is keen on project management, encourage them to follow this path, just as you would with someone who was more interested in design. It makes them feel like a valued member of the team, as opposed to a cog in the machine, and it will ultimately make them more experienced and more competent employees.

Show them your appreciation

Throw parties throughout the year – if you’ve just completed a large project for a client, make sure you have a few beers after work or a bottle of bubbly in the office. Throw at least one big party a year, preferably around Christmas, and ensure that everyone receives a gift, even if it’s just something small. Branded corporate gifts are a great way to make people feel like part of the company, and remind them how appreciated they are.

Give them a comfortable office

Don’t give staff a reason to hate coming into the office. A spacious and well-fitted office shows your staff that their wellbeing is a priority for you. Good quality furniture ensures they don’t injure themselves or cause long term physiological problems. A modern office should have breakout and communal spaces to allow team-building exercises, relaxation, and socializing. People cannot work efficiently for nine hours straight in a day, so it’s important to allow them space to clear their heads. A kitchen with seating and modern amenities allows them to eat healthily, drink good coffee, and chat with their colleagues.

As you can see, making your staff feel valued is not a lot of work, and shouldn’t have to break the bank. It’s all about good communication and little gestures.

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