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Shades of foreign companies

We have seen major change in the development as well as in the market for example earlier the options for shopping were less but now because of high variety getting something of personal taste has become easy. Just because of the entry of foreign companies now we can avail the facilities from other countries too like if we talk about technology or any new gadget then these companies helps in covering the gap of latest knowledge so that you can stay updated and walk hand in hand in terms of development but this was the white side of foreign companies and it does not mean they do not have any darker one.
On the other hand, when foreign companies occupies more than half of a country’s market then the development starts triggering in the negative direction and it is because the common people of that country starts to depend almost completely over the companies that do not belong to their country or in short do not possess any contribution to the economic value. It has also been seen that when big companies or you can say MNC’s settle at a particular place it tends to become a reason of labour exploitation like they hire workers on the temporary basis and also pays them according to the work done by them which means they are paid less as compared to the people hired on permanent basis and also do not have any job security.
Have you ever thought how much disadvantageous it is for the small scale companies that sell their products to large MNC’s in bulk. Because of the decrease in demand small companies has to shift their production towards big companies that buy their products in bulk that too in less prices and then sell those under their brand name which means a country’s citizens buy the products made by their country but in the name of other and also at a larger price.

Foreign companies in all neither lies on white side and nor on black side. They are known to work on the grey path which has both positive and negative effects, but the negative side can be reduced with the help of proper awareness because if we are aware of something then it becomes difficult to fool us. Depending totally on foreign companies may not be good for their country so every country should think of creating a healthy balance between both the types of companies so that best from the better can be extracted which will be in favour of both the countries; the one who is investing and the one that is letting others to invest because involvement of foreign companies in market should be beneficial for all. Just like other foreign companies are allowed to enter into our market similarly our companies are also allowed to enter into their market so that both the countries can share what they have with each other rather than only serving what their country has.

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