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Save The Planet Or Lose Your Clients

There’s a film coming to the cinemas this year that’s expected to sweep the awards come Oscar season and make a killing at the box office. It’s called “Mother!” and the film has recently been revealed to be an allegory for mother earth. You see people destroy, abuse and throw everything they have at the mother and she does nothing because she can’t. In the exact same way that the planet can’t fight back against what we’ve been doing to it. Why should this matter to business owners?

It’s not the first time Hollywood has drawn attention to the destruction of the earth, it won’t be the last. Whenever this happens customers take action. They get mad, and they get active, taking their anger out on the companies they deem are not pulling their weight. For instance, during the BP oil spill, a lot of people turned against the company despite the fact that there were mitigating circumstances at play. This brings us to the first point of how you can ensure that your company is doing everything it can to keep things environmentally friendly.

Prepare For A Spill Or Issue

One of the major faults during the BP oil spill was that they weren’t prepared for this kind of disaster. They had no idea how to handle it and ultimately, were let down by the company they chose to use to help fix the issue. This lead to gallons of oil flooding the ocean with devastating environmental effects. If Haliburton had managed to plug the leak, it would have been a rather different story. With oil stop valves installed, it is possible for companies to stop an environmental disaster. This equipment acts as a fail safe to ensure that the spillage of hazardous materials like this is kept under control and that damage is minimal.

Cut Power Usage

You might have heard about the worries of companies and even private home owners using too much power. These worries are justified with experts warning that if the rates of energy consumptions continue, we could be looking at power outages in the near future. This won’t be good for anyone, particularly business owners. That’s why companies must focus on using renewable energy sources and saving as much as they can. There are so many options for renewable energy on the market these days that there is no longer any justifiable excuse for companies not to use renewable resources. It’s even possible to purchase 100 percent renewable power from energy sources rather than bothering to set up solar panels or wind turbines.

Little Changes

Finally, it is worth thinking about making small changes to your business model that could make a massive difference. An example would be the packaging of your products. To help customers and the planet, you should ensure that it is completely biodegradable. Do this, and you will not be disappointed with the results. Clients will favour your business more because you are taking the necessary action to do your part and help protect the planet.

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