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Sage 50Cloud Accounts – A Review

The Sage 50cloud Accounts package suite offers faster processing speeds, detailed management reports, multi-currency support, and inventory management to name just a few. The cloud-based Sage 50cloud Accounts is a popular choice for growing and large companies.

Sage 50cloud Accounts is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized companies. With this software tool, you ensure that your accounts are accessible from anywhere. Enable your employees to work with: payroll, banking, inventory control, and reporting – all from the browser.

What are the benefits of Sage Business in the cloud?

With Sage 50cloud Accounts, your company has access to all types of applications at all times, without having to make significant up-front investments in hardware or software. This will lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) without compromising the company’s productivity and scalability.

Who uses Sage 50cloud Accounts?

Small and medium-sized companies that need an accounting solution, Sage 50cloud Accounts are suitable for desktop and with access to the cloud.

What is Sage 50cloud Accounts?

Sage 50cloud Accounts (formerly Peachtree Software) is complete desktop accounting software with access to the cloud. Designed for security, compliance, and productivity. Popular features include integration with Microsoft Office 365 applications, pre-built invoice communication, and inventory and inventory management. Available in Pro, Premium, and Quantum.

Functions of Sage 50cloud

  • Accounting programs
  • Management of fixed assets
  • Tax Management
  • Debtors
  • Invoicing
  • Fund administration
  • Purchase orders
  • Non-profits
  • Track expenses
  • Government institutions
  • Payroll Bearer
  • Project administration
  • Review of bank details

Accounting software

  • Management of fixed assets
  • Tax Management
  • Cash management
  • creditors
  • Debtors
  • Invoicing
  • Ledger
  • Integration with accounting
  • Track expenses
  • Payroll bearer
  • Review of bank details
  • Expenditure management
  • Collections

Billing programs

  • Reminder Management
  • Customizable invoices
  • Tax calculator
  • Process payments
  • Contact database
  • Invoicing per hour
  • Invoicing on a recurring basis and on a subscription basis
  • Invoicing of unforeseen case
  • Multiple currencies
  • Mobile payment
  • Online payment
  • Online invoicing

Sage 50cloud Accounts is an easy-to-use accounting software that is crafted to aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises. This software is one of the major competitors of Quick Books. It is quite easy to find people who are using Sage 50cloud Accounts. That is a plus and most suitable for small businesses looking to search for an employee / outside service provider taking care of their books.

If a person is looking to do the books himself, Sage 50cloud Accounts is relatively very easy to learn. They’ve thorough tutorials accessible to walk you through the basics and fundamentals. Major transactions are arranged under the tabs on the navigation panel which is available on the left-hand. The various workflows like receivables, inventory, services, employees & payroll, payables, and an ‘organization’ category; are all shown in graphical manner. Every task within a major area is depicted as a specified icon, making it is to commence a new transaction from this exact screen. The link of ‘company’ is a catch-all category, comprising all general journal entries, the accounts and tools’ chart for managing data & accounting tasks. Virtually every single report that an SME could need is available in Sage 50cloud Accounts.

Sage 50cloud Accounts software’s collaboration with Office 365 from Microsoft

Sage, a specialist in financial software, integrates its Sage 50cloud Accounts software package with Office 365 from Microsoft.

The announcement is an extension of the existing partnership between the two software companies, because Microsoft and Sage have been working together for some time. In practice it means that smaller companies with ten to fifty employees, the typical target group of Sage50, have to use (largely) only one application for running their business due to the bundled application.

Why Sage 50cloud Accounts is superb software?

Sage 50cloud Accounts delivers the better understanding of the application so users should get the benefit to learn the system before buying a license. The application is designed in simple language and the flow of the process is simple so that more users can know how accounting process operates.

Sage 50cloud Accounts operates on cloud servers remotely. Customers have freedom to select any method of hosting that may be cloud or desktop to run the company business. Many customers prefer desktop hosting as it is the secure method for data and files while clients have to manage the setup, installation, infrastructure and IT maintenance activities on the premise also which increases the overall cost of the company.

Sage 50cloud Accounts on cloud servers are running on remote servers which get managed by hosting providers. The online hosting works on mobile with the internet enabled and a web browser to access the application anywhere anytime. Sage 50 system upgrades to the application are automatic and add-ins, add-ons are available.

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