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Ring, Ring – Yes, Sir, How May I Help?

Customer service is important. Actually, that’s an understatement because it’s one of the most important facets of business. The level of service provided will determine how many customers stay, how many go, how many use the service again, and how many tell their friends. Please them, and they will give the company in question the world and their loyalty. Annoy them, and they will leave it in the rear view mirror as they speed away. So, how does one tackle the problem of customer service? They continue reading to find out.

Sort Out The Site

The first port of call for any complaint is the website. Even if they plan on calling, they will go online for the contact details. If a site isn’t up to standard, it will only exacerbate the problem as it will annoy the customer. By the time they do make a complaint, they will be so angry they may never want to deal with the firm again. A simple tweaking of the site, then, can work wonders. And, it doesn’t take much effort as you can get ideas from Web Full Circle free of charge. Direct them where they need to go and they’ll be happier. They might not seem it on the phone, but have faith!

Show Off Support Stats

Every firm should keep a check on their stats when it comes to customer service. Indeed, they should publish the results online for everyone to see. This method works in two ways. The first is that it appeases customers who have complaints or queries. Lots of businesses don’t take what they say into consideration and continue on their merry way. The stats so they are trying to change, which shows humility. Then, there is a knock-on effect with the existing customers as it reaffirms their loyalty.

Be There In Body

It is easy to be there twenty-four-seven thanks to the internet. But what about being there in body instead of being there remotely? It takes a lot more energy, but it shows the customer the business is willing to go the extra mile. Even more, it makes the process easier. Dealing with an automated server, whatever form it takes, is stressful. Talking to a person they can see is a lot better because that person takes on the weight of the responsibility. It also makes them responsible in the eyes of the customers, which gives them someone to blame.  

Involve The Big Dogs

Involving the big dogs doesn’t mean getting Snoop Dogg to sit in on a few calls. Although, that would be hilarious and would probably work! It means getting people with the power to do their bit for the customer. Of course, the CEO isn’t going to be able to take phone calls all day, but one or two will suffice. The caller will know they are talking to the ultimate boss and there is more chance of solving the inquiry. If the CEO is busy, ask a line manager or anyone with authority.

Take care of your customers and they will take care of you.

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