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Product Launching? Don’t Forget These Last-Minute Tweaks!

As you get closer to product launch day, it can be an exciting time. All the work you have put into the creation of your idea is about to come to fruition. But – and it’s a big but – there is still a lot to do. Your job over the next few weeks is to ensure that everything is in good shape and fit for purpose. And there is a lot you need to consider. Let’s take a look at the final checks you need to make to ensure your product launch goes off with a bang and not a whimper.

Does it work?

Your product might not have to be perfect – particularly if you are launching software or some form of technology, which you can tweak with updates But it does have to be pretty close. You need to have a final testing period in place to run those last checks and ensure that everything is working properly. Do you notice any potential risks? Are there any issues that you can imagine happening? Make sure you understand the product inside and out and are prepared for anything that might go wrong.

Brand ambassadors?

Marketing a new product can be difficult for a multitude of reasons. But, principally, it’s because you are an unknown quantity. You need social proof of your ability, trustworthiness, and credibility – and this is where brand ambassadors come in handy. Industry bloggers with a high status are good examples of the people you want to get on board – anyone with a big following. Industry journalists can come in handy, too. Make sure all your brand ambassadors are up to speed with launch dates and understand what you need them to do. It can make all the difference to your success, so treat them well, get them on board, and you should reap the benefits.

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Refine your press release

Next, it’s time to consider some tips for the best press release results. Is your product, service, or announcement worth talking about? Does it excite people? And, more importantly, is it targeted towards the right people – both customers and trade journalists? Think about the impact your press release might have on your SEO, too. Writing great press releases takes time to learn, so make sure you practice a few rough drafts first.

Start making noise on the right channels

With any luck, you will have already identified the correct channels to use for your product launch marketing. And as you get closer to the start date, you need to increase the volume by a significant amount. Bear in mind that this process isn’t about spurting your message anywhere you can – it’s about focusing on the right places. It could be a few podcasts or some highly targeted Facebook ads. It might be email or PPC advertising. It could be a combination of all of them. The final point is, plan your pre-launch marketing as much as – if not more than – the launch itself. Building a buzz will often give you more success than trying to hammer it in.

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