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Playing A Platform Game: Getting Your Business On All Forms Of Media

What are you doing to market your business properly? Have you found the one method that has suited you and you are continuing to hammer that one into submission. The thing about marketing ideas is that it is very easy to play it safe, and go for the one that seems to please everyone. But nobody will remember those in a few years time. And are you so overwhelmed by that word- “marketing?” The marketing strategy is the glue between business and product, and it is your bible. If you feel stressed out by a marketing strategy, break it down into its individual components:

  • Implementing or making resources.
  • Generating leads or the company’s visibility.
  • Picking the right platforms to gain as much exposure over social media.
  • Producing and delivering compelling content.
  • Being up to speed and keeping up to date with trends in the market or technology updates.

If you use these points to establish your marketing plan, the goal will be a lot easier in terms of its achievement.

To go back to the third point, picking the right platforms to gain exposure via the social media channels is a key indicator of business potential. You can measure traffic to your website by the amount of shares a blog of yours may get through the main social media channels, from Pinterest to LinkedIn. If you get on these social media platforms, it is a good method to building up a strong following. But when it comes to getting across other platforms, there are some things you can create yourself:

An App For Smartphones

As this is nearly the most common method of communication, save for talking, getting an app that communicates to the wider public interest is the most brilliant way of imprinting yourself on people’s minds. Statistically, people spend a total of two hours just looking at their phones. So if you get into mobile app development and create an app or an ad that appears on an app is a great way to start appealing to people during their morning commute. The success that Pokemon Go had, what can we learn from it? An app that had people covering miles and miles of land to search for characters that are on their phone? It makes no sense when you word it like that, but it still got over 500 million downloads. Not bad, eh?  

Create A Podcast

Another assault on the senses of the morning commuters, podcastingis a standard approach to getting vast coverage by using relatively simple means. The equipment you can purchase to get a good quality recording is not expensive and once you’ve settled on the right topic or premise for your show, you’re off! If you are trying to communicate your business as far and wide as possible, you may either wish to do a podcast with weekly guests, or you may wish to guest on others. There are benefits to both, with getting guests on your show, as communication technology is a lot better than a few years ago, you can have the guest on the show without them physically being there. The same applies if you were to guest on other podcasts. Getting on different platforms is common business sense now, so make sure you use these methods.

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