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Nail Your Video Content The First Time

These days, having video content as part of your marketing strategy is pretty much a given. It’s a great way to inject more personality into your branding, brings customer testimonials to life, and allows you to tap into a much wider section of your target market. If you’re planning to take advantage of this great marketing material, then here’s a few tips to help you nail it the first time.

The most important thing your corporate video can do is tell a story. Many business owners neglect to do this, and end up simply stringing a few high-quality shots together under a stock backing track. People may watch a video like this, but it won’t be memorable or effective at getting across your message. It’s a universal fact that people love stories, regardless of what they’re trying to find out about your business. If you don’t have some kind of story moving your video content along, viewers will quickly lose interest. You may want to focus on how you’ve implemented some new, cutting-edge tech at your business, or the challenges you faced in getting your product on the market. Remember to keep your target audience in mind, and tailor a story that will appeal to them.


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Next, hire in the right crew. The worst thing you can do in creating video content is choose one of your employees who claims to be pretty good with a camcorder and leave them to it. The standard of quality in video content is extremely high these days, and if you put out anything sub-standard it will only harm your brand. Professional crews produce high-quality videos as a full-time living, and the finished product will definitely attest to this. However, it’s still important to choose a production company that suits your brand. This will ensure you get across the right message and mien for your target market. There are now many services out there which will hand-pick a video crew based on your specific criteria.

Just like the importance of a good video crew, you need to find a professional voiceover artist if you’re planning on having a voiceover. A chain of interviews with your employees may put across some important information about the business, but it can still come off as slightly amateur-ish. Similarly, you may want to do the voiceover for a montage yourself, making the CEO come to life and giving your brand a more personal touch. These can be good ideas in certain circumstances, but generally you’ll get the best results by hiring a pro. You may not think it, but a lot of work goes into working as a professional voiceover artist. They may have got into their niche by accident, but it’s rare to find a successful artist who hasn’t undergone years of training and development.

Get these three ingredients, and you’ll be well on your way to producing a professional and effective corporate video. With good video content, your marketing will become more effective overnight, and your brand identity will become much more powerful.

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