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Most In Demand Temporary Jobs in Singapore During COVID-19

Because of the pandemic, a lot of people have lost their jobs. Some employees are waiting for the pandemic to be over so they can return to their jobs. Some can’t possibly work because their establishments can’t open during the pandemic. Because of that, they are forced to find temporary jobs in Singapore. While a lot of people have lost their jobs, there were some recent job openings brought about by the COVID-19. Here are some of the most in demand temporary jobs in Singapore during these difficult times:

Temperature Checker

Before entering a commercial establishment in Singapore, it is important to not let people who have fever in. The reason for that is because there is a chance the person has caught the virus. While that is not really a hundred percent true, the fact remains that the establishment can’t afford to take any chances. Also, it is mandatory to check each person’s temperature before heading to a place. Hence, this is a job for anybody and no special skill is really required since it is pretty easy to learn how to use a temperature checker.

Social Distancing Ambassadors

There are a lot of social distancing markings placed throughout commercial establishments like malls. The task of the social distancing ambassador is to instruct people where to be. The social distancing markings are pretty self-explanatory but some people don’t get it. At restaurants and other establishments, there will be lines on the outsider and social distancing ambassadors will just tell people when it is their turn to move along the line. Basically, their job is pretty easy and it does not take much job qualifications to get accepted. It just takes a bit of common sense and good communication skills so people would not mind asking you questions about what to do next.

Food Delivery Rider Jobs

Thanks to the pandemic, everyone is advised to stay at home to prevent the spread of the virus. Hence, food delivery has never become this popular. There are now many people who would not mind going to restaurants to place orders then delivering them. When you become a rider, you have the option to accept certain orders. If you see some orders are pretty far from where you are, you have no reason to accept them. You can just accept the ones that are near you so it won’t be that difficult for you. Also, the safety of the food is in your hands.

The pandemic is not an excuse to just lie down and do nothing. Better find a temporary job since you still need to pay the bills each month and you still need to feed your family. Check out My Careers Future to find out the latest job vacancies that you can apply for. Make sure that you are qualified for each job before applying. Also, better be sure that you can devote your time in making sure that you do a great job so that they will not regret accepting you for the job.

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