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Modern Business For The Modern World: How To Make Your Company More Creative

The modern business world moves at a pretty breakneck speed. One of the biggest responsibilities of a business owner is trying to keep up. The most dangerous thing that any business owner can do is to rely on “tried and tested strategies.” Don’t ever assume that, because something worked well in the past; it’s automatically going to work well in the future. Customers change, markets change and businesses should change alongside them. There’s one thing that business owners need to start to embrace in order to keep up with the fast pace of the modern world, and that’s creativity. Now, of course, there have always been creative businesses and creative industries. But, far too often, businesses assume that because the industry that they are in isn’t inherently creative, that there is no room for creativity in their business. In fact, the opposite is true! There is no business in the world that wouldn’t benefit from a little added creativity. With that in mind, here are just a few parts of your business that you can make more creative in some easy and simple ways.

Rethink “the office”



The office has been the central hub of many businesses for years. It’s one of the most typical elements of any company. But does that mean it’s always going to be the right thing for your business? After all, no two business are the same, and no two people within those businesses are the same either. So rather than treating your office like a static object, behaving in exactly the way it always has, try to think about it a little differently. Let’s say that your office involves a great deal of teamwork and communication. What could you be doing to create a more open and collaborative environment in your office? An open plan is a good place to start but don’t stop there. Why not break open the whole idea of the office entirely. Let people move around with more freedom rather than keeping them shackled to their desks. With the advent of smartphone technology, it’s so easy to stay in contact with people that they may not need to be on site at all. Remote working is something that makes a lot of business owners nervous. But now that people can always be connected, it’s never been easier to expand what you and your employees think of as the “office space.”

Switch up your marketing



Marketing is one of the most important parts of any business, but one of the central elements of marketing is that it should always be malleable. Markets don’t stay the same so there’s absolutely no reason why your marketing techniques should either. Studies have shown, for example, that millennials are far less interested in traditional advertising. This means that if your product is geared towards a younger generation, then you’ve got to start thinking about more unusual and creative ways to market to them. Viral and digital marketing have become incredibly popular and lucrative strategies in recent years. But you shouldn’t be afraid to go even further than that. Put on weird and wonderful events, engage directly with customers in ways that they might not expect, perhaps consider turning your company mascot into a toy that your customers can play with and enjoy. One of the major benefits of making your custom toy is that customer will then, essentially, take your business home with them. Creative marketing is a fantastic way to create a rich, intense connection with your business that more traditional methods simply aren’t able to manage.

Diversify your staff



The modern world is more diverse than it has ever been before, and your business should be a reflection of that. Not only that but diversity is a fantastic way to bring new and fresh perspectives to your company. Don’t let the myth of the lone genius fool you, different skills, talents, and backgrounds can come together to create something genuinely extraordinary. Of course, that doesn’t mean that everyone should always be doing their own thing. It’s your job as the business owner to take that diverse staff and turn them into a cohesive unit. As long as your staff are all united and are working towards a common aim, those different qualities will complement each other and can only improve the quality of your business.

Be ready to fail

On thing that far too many business owners don’t seem to realize is that failure is a good thing. No, really! In every failure, there is always an opportunity to learn something and move forward. If you want to push your business into the future then you and your staff have to feel comfortable taking risks. Risks are important and without them your company is likely to just stagnate and fall behind the rest of the world. If your corporate culture is one that doesn’t embrace failure, then you and your employees are simply going to fall into the same old safe routine of doing things the way that they’ve always been done. But if you’re able to look at previous failures, learn from them, and then put them behind you, then you’ll create an environment where even the most unusual and creative idea has space and opportunity to grow into something great. Not every idea is going to be a game changer, but every so often you might just hit on something genuinely incredible.

Creativity is something that every business owner needs to incorporate into their business. Creative ideas can push your business forward, can foster innovation and can take your company to places that you might never have previously imagined. So if you ever find that an aspect of your business is letting you down, try to see if you can add a little creativity to it. There’s a good chance that it might just make your business even better.

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