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Management: Basic Formula Behind Success

The term management refers to the process which includes planning, leading, controlling, organizing, staffing to achieve a particular objective, so that an individual could rise. Several writers have given different view points on management and through conclusion, we get to know that management is basically organizing things in a pre-planned manner so that work could be done easily on time withoutmuch stress.

For example: During the time of exams, the peer groups have to face lot of problems like stress , shortage of time to prepare for the exam etc. but when an individual manages his time,  he sets up a routine to handle all the situations. Thus, management is the art of managing or handling situations with a tactful treatment.

The person who manages everything is known as a manager.

Basic things, which are included in the management process are:

  1. An individual should have good communication skills so that a manager should not become a leader or a dictator.

2.Manager should be fair enough so that all the employers can work under his guidelines without any type of problems.

  1. Manager should always be able to make decisions and should be smart enough to handle all the problems.
  2. Amanager should basically be a good and effective planner, so that during the time of any emergence,he is already ready with his bloomy ideas.

Basically There Are Six Types Of Managements:

  1. Directive – basic objective of this type of management is that a manager should motivate his employers by discipline.
  2. Authoritative –the primary objective of such type of style is to give its employers clear directions and standard needs.
  3. Affiliative- main objective of this style is to create harmony among its employees and the manager so that they can work with peace, without any type of conflict and it tries to keep both of them happy without any type of issue.
  4. Participative- it is a democratic style in which everyone’s opinion and decision is necessary to be considered so as to encourage employees input in decision-making.
  5. Pacesetting- under this style, manager performs many tasks personally and he expects his employees to follow his or her examples.
  6. Coaching – its main aim is the long term development of employees, this helps and encourage developing the strength of an individual.

How Does Management Help An Individual?

  1. Management makes an individual responsible.
  2. It helps us differentiate between our priorities.
  3. It reduces stress, anxiety and unwanted pressure of an individual.
  4. Management of time helps to balance an individual’s effort.


Management brings out the best in an individual by involving every layer as management involves transformation programs and setting targets as by making strategies. This helps an individual to bring out the best in him through clever and time saving ways, as the basic concept behind management is to save time but with some leadership, cooperative and understanding qualities. All of these are really important to work in or under any type of multinational company or any type of office.

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