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Making Your Business A Comfortable Environment

How do you get the best out of your employees? It’s an age old question that has likely existed since the first ever business hired the first ever employee. Your employees are the lifeblood of your organisation and you won’t get anywhere unless they are working for you and working well.

To get your employees motivated, what do you do?

Some businesses offer vacation raffles or perks, where employees benefit from working for the business in ways that may make them work harder or stay loyal to the business.

Some businesses will offer monthly awards to the best employee to raise morale.

But what about the day-to-day. How can you get your employees working well every single day without lifting a finger? Well, you need to make sure that the property is comfortable.

We go home for comfort and relaxation, so why shouldn’t our working environment be a comfortable place to work? It makes sense that we will work at our best when we are motivated and a comfortable working environment in the place of business will help see that through.

So how do we make a business premises comfortable?

Well our actions are key. People’s mentalities and interests need to be respected and we need to ensure that work is a safe space for employees of all abilities, genders, races and religions. Offensive and discriminatory language has no place in the place of work and not only is it a great way to annoy, hurt and isolate your employees, you may see yourself on the end of a lawsuit if you incubate this type of behaviour.

As the boss, employees also need to come to you with all sorts of problems. These could be work issues or even problems in their personal life. Cater for your employees and care for them, they will need lifting up by you when they are down so make sure you can fulfill that role.

In terms of the actual property, make sure that the furniture is cleaned, comfortable and functional. It could be chairs or couches, but it has to be comfortable because your employees will be sitting on it all day. Ensure that desks and workspaces are clean of dust and grime, whilst being free of clutter.

The temperature of the property needs to be regulated and commercial air conditioning can save the sanity of your employees in the summer. Get it installed before it’s too late, or too hot!

Find out the comfort needs of each individual employee and ask questions of the place of work. Is it working for you and for them, are their needs fulfilled on a daily basis? If you can do better for the individual, do better and work with them to get their needs fulfilled.

These are the keys to a happy and comfortable working environment and as you can see, it’s not just about the furniture. Your employees deserve to be respected, so respect their needs and work with them to get the best out of them. After all, that will be best for business!

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