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Major shift in the Indian market

Market depends on two things demand and supply and both these points determine the level of economic level of the country. It is not necessary that the country where the demand is high has a good economic level because demand can only be handled with a proper supply so it is important for a healthy balance between both the things. In recent years a lot of change has been seen in Indian market and all this is because of the large number of companies that established in few years. You must be thinking why I mentioned companies as it can alone cannot make any change in the market.

Actually, demand and supply has a big circle in which supply and demand are synonymous to each other like when new products come into the market and the reviews of them also comes out to be good then the spike in the demand rises sharply but if the product results inefficiently then the same graph drops highly. New companies means more employment which means rise of the living standard and when this happens people usually go with high costing products rather than buying cheap ones which ultimately means rise of demand of a products and on the same hand decrease in the demand of other. This is from the closer look but if we see it in whole because of the daily rise in population the marginal change of the supply and demand is always on positive side despite of which person chose whom product.

To do good with the economy it is important for the Indian market to change in positive side and high demand of costly product shows large number of people can afford to buy them which in short is a positive result but this growth is somewhere single sided and the need of establishment of many more companies is still there so that large number of people can find a source of living. Big-big companies and businesses does not only help in economic stability but also helps in many sector like it increases the scale of options because of which people can buy the one which suits their range so that they can also avail every possible facility and that too without any stress.

New minds and the open door for other countries have made it possible for the other companies and their technology to enter into India and the perception towards this differs from person to person. Some says it is good and some discard this fact but in whole the audience is getting benefitted because with the help of these companies they are able to enjoy facilities of other countries too. It is because of both national and international companies that Indian market has seen such a great difference in recent years and with the help of new brains and people with extraordinary ideas it seems to be increasing in every single upcoming year which may take Indian market to some other level.

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