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M.Tech in Energy systems- The key to better career opportunities

The international energy landscape can be expected to radically change in the upcoming years. With increased global warming, major environmental disasters such as Australian wild fires and the US Atlantic hurricane dominated the headlines for the major part in 2019. As a result, governments around the world are decreasing their dependence on fossil fuels and investing in renewable sources of energy.

This massive shift in the energy landscape has created a greater demand for qualified energy engineers and innovators who can build us more effective models of energy utilization that reduces our carbon footprint. As the industry grows, new jobs are constantly being created to drive this revolution. A smart idea is to take advantage of this boom by pursuing an M.Tech course.

If you want to pursue M.Tech in energy systems engineering and want to know its career prospects, this blog can be an informative read. It lists different career opportunities in energy systems, which you can pursue after your course completion.

Career opportunities after energy systems engineering degree

Here are some exciting career roles that you may pursue after your M. Tech energy systems degree.

Green Building Engineers: With a lot of companies being committed to reducing their carbon footprints, the demand for energy efficient ‘green’ buildings and qualified green building engineers, is steadily increasing. As a green building engineer, you may be called in to analyse the energy usage of existing buildings, design buildings that use passive heating and cooling techniques, and recommend ways to improve an infrastructure’s energy efficiency.

Energy Systems Engineers: Most energy systems engineers or ESEs are responsible for improving current energy storage facilities, ensuring effective distribution of energy, and analysing the effect of energy facilities on the local environment. To become an ESE, you need to have a comprehensive knowledge regarding a wide range of subjects from basic engineering to the economics of maintaining an energy system.

Solar Installations Experts: Solar cells and panels are fast replacing conventional energy resources in the modern day. According to a recent report by the US Department of Energy, there has been a 25% increase in the number of solar energy jobs from 2015. As a solar installation expert, you can help companies and individuals invest in solar energy, and install and maintain their solar cells or panels.

Wind Farm Development Engineers: Wind turbines are one of the leading renewable sources of energy in today’s world, and require entire teams of wind farm development engineers to manufacture, construct and maintain over a period of time. As a wind farm engineer, you can either be involved in research and development of more effective wind farms, or you can be an installation and maintenance expert.

With newer sources of energy being considered such as tidal waves or geothermal springs, there is an immense career scope in the energy systems industry. Enroll in an M.Tech Energy systems engineering programme today to establish a successful career in this industry.

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