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Why Efficiency Is at the Core of the Design: Lozier Shelving Just Works and Here Are 3 Reasons Why

Business owners across a diverse array of industries use Lozier shelves to display merchandise and store inventory, but popularity alone is not a good determinant of whether a particular storage and display solution will be worth the investment. Instead of just following the crowd, business owners who want to take full responsibility for the decisions made in their stores can read on to find out exactly why Lozier has become such a household name in the storage and display industry

Plenty of Variety

Some business owners automatically associate Lozier Shelving with gondola shelving, but the reality is that this is an overly restrictive view of the company’s products. While Lozier does make gondola shelving, it also manufactures freestanding displays, heavy-duty shelving, and more. That means business owners can find all the storage and display solutions they need to ensure that their products stay organized and look their best.

Recently, Lozier even partnered with another company to begin manufacturing other types of solutions for business owners, branching out from retail to appeal to other businesses and offering everything from a patented Intelligent Box Opening Device to the Agility Powered Flexible Conveyor. Branching out into warehouse equipment has brought even more attention to Lozier’s existing products, and many warehouse owners are now taking advantage of Lozier shelves, as well.

Safety and Efficiency

Lozier shelves feature strong, supportive bases that help to ensure stability and prevent heavy products from toppling them. Their sleek, efficient designs also feature vertical slats, which are designed to hold products effectively and reduce inventory loss by accidental drops. Safe, efficient shelving also saves employees time when it comes to restocking and helps to prevent workplace injuries.

The popular brand also offers a wide variety of shelving and decking options designed to be installed at different angle settings and bear different load capacities. This makes it easy for business owners to find storage solutions that will best fit their needs.

Easy to Match the Store’s Unique Aesthetic

Lozier shelves come in a wide variety of finishes and colors, which makes it easy for business owners to match their stores’ existing styles and improve their appearance. Customers expect to enter a store and see a well-designed space that easily accommodates their shopping needs, and Lozier shelves can contribute to making a good impression. They even sell glass, wood, and radius shelves to better showcase products and carry a full line of shelving accessories to make it easy for business owners to customize their setups.

Everything about the Lozier brand is associated with a sleek design and easy customization. That’s part of what helped the manufacturer develop a positive reputation and stand out from the competition. Today, Lozier is just as committed as ever to providing storage and merchandising solutions that will meet customers’ needs no matter what target audiences they market to and what kind of goods they sell.

The Bottom Line

The Lozier brand is popular for a reason. Lozier’s gondola shelves, heavy-duty storage shelves, and other storage and merchandising solutions are designed with not just efficiency, but also safety, usability, and aesthetic appeal in mind. Not sure what type of shelving solution will be the best fit for a particular store? The best thing to do is to contact a shelving expert who can help as soon as possible.

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