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Let Inspiration Flow Through You: 20 Amazing Things You Can Make with a Laser Cutter

When someone buys a new laser cutter, they may wonder, “what should I make first?” For those who are having trouble finding inspiration, there are a few ideas that can be used. Once someone begins to work on different projects, they will find it easier to think of fun-to-make ideas.

To get started and to learn more about a few fun and easy laser cutter projects, visit https://www.nyccnc.com/we-bought-a-boss-laser/, or just keep reading. Find a few good ideas below.

1. Wooden Keychain Holders

What about a wall-mounted key holder? It is possible to create small wooden boards with intricate designs or funny sayings. With a little bit of creativity, a person can use their laser cutter and engraving abilities to create something new and exciting.

2. Make a Small Cabinet

A great option for laser cutter projects is small cabinets. For this, use three-millimeter MDF, which is easy to cut and offers a sturdy, finished project. One of the best parts about laser cutters is that the cut pieces will fit together as puzzles do.

3. Coasters

For most people, coasters are must-have items. It is possible to create unique designs with patterns, sayings, initials, mandalas, or something else-;the possibilities and options are endless. Coasters can be made from wood, acrylic, glass, metal, stone, or tile.

4. A Wood Rolling Pin

When it comes to functional crafts, not many things beat this one. Having a custom wooden rolling pin is a kitchen staple, and making it with a laser cutter makes it even more fun to use.

5. A Small Toolbox

Everyone can use small boxes for storing tools and other items. Create a small box with a laser cutter to hold screwdrivers, etching tools, carving tools, or something else. It is even possible to add a slot feature to the interior and a sliding lid to keep everything inside.

6. Glass Spice Jars

Creating essential kitchen tools is a great way to use a new laser cutter. It is possible to laser engrave glass spice jars and similar items. In fact, the engraving feature is something that can be used on anything that requires personalization.

7. Wood Cut Puzzles

Holidays and birthdays are better when people get handmade and homemade gifts. A woodcut puzzle is a great way to do this. These puzzles can be cut to any shape and size, depending on the laser cutter being used.

8. Paper Artwork

Paper artwork may not be something someone thinks of when they first purchase a laser cutter, but it is a great way to use this device. It is possible to choose from a huge selection of colors and designs, and this artwork offers so many customization options.

9. Dog Collars

There is no reason to leave the family’s four-legged friend out of the equation when it comes to laser cutters. Rather than put countless tags on a dog’s collar, just engrave necessary information on the collar. Without the tags, any dog will appear super classy.

10. A Laptop Stand

Today, laser cutters are being used to cut and assemble all sorts of interesting things. One example is an acrylic laptop stand.

11. Felt Rugs

Many people do not realize that laser cutters can be used on textiles. For example, cut shapes and patterns out of large felt rugs to create a unique piece for a room that will quickly become the focal point. It is also possible to engrave other textiles too.

12. Pillows

Pillows featuring laser cut patterns and shapes featuring geometric cutouts and neutral two-tones are very modern and in demand. Pillows are an effective way to use a laser cutter, as this device can be used to create unique leather pillow coverings.

13. Rubber Stamps

A laser cut rubber stamp is something fun and functional to have around. It also offers more convenience, which means it is possible to address multiple envelopes faster. Also, laser cutting a stamp is better than paying too much for stamps from a professional service provider.

14. Wooden Signs

Today, a person no longer has to worry about going to a sign maker to get what they want or need. Laser cutters can create custom wooden signs that everyone will love.

15. Wedding Invitations

It is possible to use all types of options and patterns to create unique and elegant wedding invitations. Some brides have even opted to create invitations out of wooden planks.

16. Jewelry

Many people do not realize it, but there is a lot of laser-cut jewelry on the market today. While it may not be suitable for a bit holiday or anniversary, this jewelry is unique and something most people appreciate.

17. Business Cards

Business cards can be made from a laser cutter. What is better is that by making a business card from metal, acrylic, and wood, it is possible to ensure they are memorable and stand out from all the others they receive.

18. Paint Brush Holders (or Pen, Toothbrush, or Other Holders)

Cutting holders for round or long objects is another popular way to use a laser cutter. Keep this in mind and create unique holders for items throughout someone’s house.

19. Stackable Trays

Is it time to organize the office or a classroom? If so, why not try stackable trays made with a wooden cutter. This is a great way to get organized and have something practical made with the laser cutter.

20. Headphone Stands

While headphones are extremely beneficial, if they are laid flat on a surface, the cord may become tangled, which can be extremely frustrating. However, with a headphone stand made with a laser cutter, it is possible to eliminate this issue.

As anyone can see from the information here, there are various projects and ideas a person can use to create projects and items with their laser cutter. When it comes to laser cutters, the technology and capabilities continue to improve year after year. While these are the options today, there is no telling what the future may hold when it comes to laser cutter creations.

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