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Leaving The Amateur Ranks And Taking On the Pros

Starting a business is an incredible feat, and that’s because it is incredibly difficult to start something professional from scratch. You will have no designers to develop an eye-catching logo, no IT department to ensure all your devices are linked to a single server and no content writers to ensure everything your copy – website, email, promotions or whatever – is concise and punchy. A bit of graft is required. But while there are no shortcuts to success, there are simple tricks and tips to help your business look more professional. This is going to be critical to immediate success and future growth because, no matter what industry or sector you are operating in, chances are it is saturated with competition, and you need your brand to stand out from that. And here’s a few ideas on how:

The Domain Name

This is going to be critical, and it will require a little bit more thought than you may have first realised. You are going to want something that is bold and memorable, while also serving as a means for potential clients or customers to find you. That’s why you should always buy a domain name, instead of using a free one that involves a .blogspot or .tumblr or .wordpress. These are convoluted for one, and don’t look professional either. So buy a domain and make sure it hits all the right notes. If you are a decorator in Exeter in Devon, then why not buy something like exetersdecoratingguru.com. This will help your chances on search engine’s and grab the searcher’s eyes, both of which will put you ahead of your competition.

The Written Word

This is all-inclusive and covers quite a lot of different communication options, but the more of them you upgrade the more professional you will look. So let’s start with the important one; email. When you receive and email and want to reply, or even send out a newsletter to your subscribers, you will want it to come from a professional looking email. That means no business guru at hotmail dot com. You will want something like director@businessguru.com instead. The difference is small the impact is huge. This isn’t all though. Yes, email has taken over, but look at any big business, and they will have a fax number contained within their contact page, so you should follow suit. Don’t worry, this is inexpensive, as the experts at http://fivehundredstories.com/free-fax-online/ will be able to confirm. No more trips down to the post office every time you need to send off legal documents and the likes of.

The Phone Line

Get yourself a dedicated phone number as a matter of emergency. Why? Because nothing says unprofessional like a home number that your kids answer by blowing raspberries down the handset. The same goes for mobile phone numbers. Yes, it is important to have a mobile number on your business cards, but if this is the only number on there then you are still going to look a bit amateur. What’s more, you don’t even have to spend much on doing this; you just have to set up a Google voice number, which will basically do everything you could hope it would do and much more.

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