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Jogger pants buying guide for every man

The men’s jogger pants are currently the coolest trend for a street look. It gives an ultimate sporting look. In fact, the jogger pants give the maximum comfort along with style. So, it is mostly suitable for the men who are looking for the ultimate comfort and style as well. Not every man can put up the stylish look with the joggers as most of them prefer the traditional denims or the suit pants but trust me, the ones who try the joggers experience the ultimate comfort as well as a new style.

The best part about the jogger pants is that there are versatile ways to get new styles and new looks with it. Traditionally being from a sportswear, it is no more confined to being a gym wear or to be worn during workouts. It has entered the fashion arena and has started making a strong fashion statement. Apart from that, a pair of jogger pants is the best escape from the tight and clumsy denims. Now, let us take a look at the different looks you can have with a pair of joggers.

Men’s complete fashion guide to look super cool in a pair of joggers


Putting the colors and material right

Well, joggers are meant for ultimate comfort. So, you should look for the joggers that are made of materials like wool or tweed. They should have an athletic look as it gives a sporty and has some coolness attached to it. The colors like khaki are awesome ones to start off with. At the beginning, khaki is a safe color to start with as it looks perfect, especially with the athletic styled cuffs.

Slip on shoes is an absolute no

The joggers already give a younger look to men and when you are wearing it, the athletic look helps you to carry that. But with the slip-on shoes, it becomes too much kid like and the look shifts from young to kid like. Obviously, no one wants to dress like a six year old kid. A laced boot, preferably a pair of sports snickers or leather boots will go well with the look.

Stay tucked up

The joggers are a good styling item and it goes well with a lot of dresses at the top. But if you do leave them without tucking them in, you completely waste the look of the pair of joggers. You should tuck in the shirts or tees you are wearing at the top. It makes the dress up look more clean and tidy. The sporty look with the joggers goes great with the clean and tidy look of the tucked in shirts. So, from the next time, instead of leaving them like that, tuck those in for a fresh and manly look.

Goes great with tee

The pair of joggers go great with a tee shirt at the top. In fact, you should go for a solid printed tee more than the band tees. It will be more stylish and sporty. The regular pattern printed tees can also go great with the joggers. Anyways, you can try some new experiments and find out which style suites you the best.

Getting the size right

The joggers are meant for utmost comfort and the fitting should be done so. I mean they should be comfortable and loose. But in no case that means that they should look lousy from any angle. It gives an ultimate smartness and sporty look. So, be ready to rock in your pair of joggers. Don’t forget to try out new style and fashion ideas. There are a lot of possibilities with the joggers.

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