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It’s Product Launch Time! How To Host A Memorable Launch Event

When the time comes to launch a brand-new product, you might want to make a splash. While some companies let the product launch itself with very little fanfare, that’s not your style. Instead, you want everyone to hear about it, and what better way to do that than with a launch event? Customers, colleagues, and acquaintances can all bask in the glory of your new design along the way. Hopefully, you’ll make the perfect impression.

It isn’t as simple as that, though. To make the perfect impression, you need to think about multiple factors. Let’s take a look.


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Train & Prepare Speeches In Advance

It’s not always easy to hold the attention of those who are in attendance for a product launch. They obviously want to see the product itself, but there’s not much else for them to do. Because of this, you need to be the intriguing factor to encourage them to stick around. If your presentations are poorly planned, badly implemented and generally dull, that isn’t going to happen. Prepare extensively ahead of time, and don’t talk your guests to death.

Think About Branding Constantly

When you invite people to a launch event, they aren’t necessarily well acquainted with your brand itself. They might spend the entire time at the event watching your launch, but failing to remember what your company is called. That makes no sense, does it?! Constantly provide reminders about your company’s identity. Stick your logo everywhere you can, from seating arrangements to speakers. Maybe, look at sites like lanyardsfactory.com.au/custom-printed-ribbon for custom arrangements? Don’t forget about branding, in any case.

Don’t Let Equipment Ruin The Day

Sometimes, a big launch event is held in the outdoors. You don’t need me to tell you what that can do to equipment when things go wrong. So, have a backup plan. Your microphone stops working? No problem – you’ve got another one on standby. It starts raining at your outdoor venue? No problem – you’ve got a backup indoor venue in mind.

Build Up To The Event With Social Media

If you want to generate a good amount of hype for the event, social media is the way to do it. There are all sorts of things you could do. Quiz your customers about what they think they’ll see. Implement hashtags surrounding the event itself. You might want to look at paid advertising tips at blog.hubspot.com/marketing/facebook-paid-ad-checklist. Make sure you do what’s necessary to generate interest in your event.

Consider The Venue Carefully

We’ve already mentioned just how important the venue can be in a situation like this. There are all sorts of things you’ll need to think about, from finances to seating arrangements. If you want this to be a memorable event for all the right reasons, you need to nail this. A bad venue can sour an otherwise excellent experience. Do your research ahead of time and plan extensively to ensure you make the right decision.

We wish you the best of luck with your new product launch event!

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