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Instagram vs TikTok: Which Would Be The Best Platform To Get Most Out of Your Influencer Marketing?

TikTok, the new sensation in the social media world, is considered as the rival for Instagram, which is from the family of applications. TikTok, which was rolled out only a few years ago, is regarded as a halt for the growth of Instagram. Social platforms, which were used as just mediums to interact with friends and as an entertainment medium to share photos, life events have completely evolved into a commercial medium today. Today, social applications are the primary gateway to find and reach potential customers. Various tactics are framed and implemented to achieve social goals, among which influencer marketing has emerged into the commonly sought after tactic.    

The Way Influencer Marketing Works On Instagram:

The amount spent on influencer marketing on Instagram is estimated at 1.7 billion dollars. 88% of globally renowned brands have their presence on Instagram, which is the highest among all the social platforms. The majority of them have people aged between 18 and 28 years as their target audience. Instagram also has features that could easily entice the Millennials and Generation Z. Many social marketers have noted that they find Instagram an easier platform to craft strategy and drive sales. The picture-centric platform has its unique features that facilitate the process of convincing the target audience.

As influencer marketing has gained momentum in recent times, many brands are collaborating with the influencers on the platform to maximize their brand awareness and achieve their sales goals. Being a picture dominant platform, the shoppable post works effectively to convince people to take action. Many brands such as Levis, H&M are having a considerable share of their revenue through influencer marketing. The pictures of the influencers flaunting their apparels along with shoppable pins can drive people to take action. Plenty of photo editing tools are available to amplify the product images, with many having their very own customized colors. The color combination provided by these tools grabs the attention of people quickly. Instagram also has its very own filters that help brands to transfer the exact feel that they want to convey to their audience. Trollishly is a service provider that elevates your presence on Instagram.Today, many brands are testing various color combinations with influencers on Instagram to allure people at ease.

One of the privileges of Instagram is that it works effectively for both images and videos. IGTV is slowly evolving into a substitute for YouTube as its video consumption increases at a fast pace. As video marketing is witnessing rapid growth, you can create compelling videos and make use of it on IGTV. Many brands ideate concepts for both videos and images for influencer marketing. Hence, Instagram keeps it updated according to the emerging trend due to which brands find it easier to make use of Instagram to maximize their growth.

Brands are making use of influencers to get into the minds of their target audience. Thus, influencers act as the connectivity between brands and customers. Celebrities Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have launched their very own brands on Instagram. There are separate Instagram handles for these brands which have millions of followers. Through this, it is evident that there are many potential customers on Instagram for all sorts of business. Thus, once you use the influencers appropriately and grab people’s attention, Instagram helps you maximize your conversion rate.

With Instagram stories being a significant engagement tool, brands are creating micro-videos and rolling them out. Thus, brands create compelling videos using influencers consistently and upload them to the stories section on Instagram. This way, people will remember a brand for a longer time, which helps them generate new leads. Since Instagram is a platform that balances both images and videos, it can be used effectively to ideate many concepts and drive sales. Moreover, Instagram is a platform capable of driving people at ease without putting much effort.

The Way TikTok Fits For Influencer Marketing:  

TikTok is a platform that had a massive reach in a short period. The platform is witnessing consistent growth in its user base as it is expected to have massive growth in the coming years. Today, TikTok has a vast user base in all the major countries due to which brands are looking to have a presence on this platform. Many people have risen to fame through this platform, which acts as a driving factor for people to stay in it. TikTok is the most downloaded non-gaming application during March 2020. At the time of the pandemic, when people are confined within walls, TikTok is witnessing a consistent rise in its user base. Hence, brands need to go with TikTok to drive their growth at a fast pace. The lip-synching application has quickly garnered the attention of people and has grown at a rapid pace. With being a video-centric application, it has quickly gained the attention of Generation Z and Millenials.

Many people have risen to fame with TikTok by exhibiting their unique skills. These people are acting as the determining factors for the growth of the platform. They act as the catalyst in making many people glued to the platform. Today, many brands are collaborating with the influencers on TikTok to easily uplift the reach of their products and gain the people’s belief. TikTok can be regarded as the platform that functions completely based on the performance of the individuals.

Moreover, the characteristic of the platform also prevails in such a manner. Every TikTok video has someone showcasing their skills and entertaining the viewers. When memes drive all the other social platforms, you can rarely find concepts based on memes on TikTok. Thus, the TikTok platform solely functions based on the performance of individuals.

Many people on the platform are delivering content that turns into a huge hit. Today, TikTok is dominating the social media world to a greater extent. Even Facebook and Instagram have a massive chunk of TikTok videos, which gives the success rate of TikTok. Apart from Facebook and Instagram, TikTok stands as the social platform that is completely dedicated to entertainment. The platform has Generation Z as its majority user base. So, if your product has this age group as the target audience, you can choose TikTok for promotion without any second thought. Modifications are also brought in TikTok under the current trends to make people stay with the platform.

Final Thoughts:   

Both Instagram and TikTok have their very own specific characteristics. If you feel that you can frame a strategy that could correlate with any of both platforms and a vast majority of your target audience presents in it, you can give it a shot.  

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