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Innovative Ways to Advertise Your Company

Marketing your business is a constant effort that can increase sales, your reputation, and even your business connections. You need to market effectively, however. A poorly thought out campaign can either lead to no value back, or it can spark outrage. That is why you need to be innovative, unique, and you need your campaign to represent the values of your company. You also need it to be fun, exciting, and above all else, memorable. Here are five innovative campaigns that you can adopt for your company:

1. Hold a Fundraiser
People love those who give back. There is so much bad in the world that having a company that gives back and tries to make their community better is the perfect marketing tactic. Not only are you giving your company good press, but you’ll also be written about, increase your Google search ranking, and you’ll improve the community at large.

2. Sponsor an Extreme Sport
Another fun and exciting way to advertise is to sponsor or hold an extreme sporting event. This is not only a great way to bring in the whole community, but it is also a great way to advertise. Buy used Kawasaki Ninja bikes and have professionals race each other. Bring in vendors and make it a truly festive event with your branding everywhere. Not only will you get a lot of press for your event, but you’ll also become one-step closer to becoming a household name.

3. Make Events Instagram-Worthy
Another aspect to your public events that will take your advertising to a whole other level is to make it pretty. You should never underestimate the power of selfie-marketing. This means making attractive wall-backgrounds and adding art installations so that people can pose and post photos of your event online. The prettier and more photo-worthy the event, the more widespread, free marketing you will achieve.

4. By Collaborating
Another way to advertise your company, and to increase its value, is to collaborate. This means doing projects with other large brands and individuals who will then introduce your company to their fans and customers, and vice versa. This is incredibly important for small and start-up businesses, who need to be clever when marketing, instead of throwing money at advertising campaigns.

Clever marketing is great not only to increase your revenue, but it’s also important to get your name out there. People buy online more than ever, but they don’t buy from people they don’t trust and don’t know. That is why you need to become a household name and to increase your reputation. Do this correctly, and you can get a lot of free advertising that makes you an attraction, increases your SEO, and increases organic traffic to your site and into your store. The more often you do this, the wider and more genuine your audience. You don’t have to rely on Google pay-per-click advertising, which can be costly and not yield to any sales. Make real connections, and foster real relationships, and you will have a stronger customer base that buys from you again and again.

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