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Tools that help you easily increase the productivity of your business remotely

In the vast world of technology, the human person has become able to finish and complete all his work while sitting in his home through a set of different tools, and this has reflected many positive things on the individual and collective level, so working from home is no longer a kind of luxury today. . 

Many companies from all over the world choose this path, either to attract talent or to the need (to respond to a global pandemic), and adopt flexible teleworking policies. Switching to a remote work environment is easy for companies that are already adopting collaborative technology to communicate between their employees and customers. For companies that have not yet done so, we have compiled a list of our preferred tools for increasing productivity when working from home.

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So, let’s back to the topic;

Are you looking for good tools that enable you to control all your practical affairs and bring to you all the meanings of savings and comfort needed to improve your working climate? We, in this post, help you through this article to identify the five most efficient tools that prepare you for remote work, by attracting effort and time savings and ensuring integrated security and safety.

How these remote work tools increase employee productivity

Teleworking can be very beneficial for your business, as you find various electronic payment methods that help you get all your work done easily and safely. Just as the remote work strategy has many advantages, but the matter is probably not without some trial and error, and you can increase the chances of benefiting from this strategy in your favor by using the appropriate tools that make your team more efficient and productive.

Benefits of tools to help you get your work done easily: Advantages of tools

Reducing overheads

There is no need for more expenses to run your business and manage your company bills. Also, your team members will not have to waste time or money on the move, which is a stressful part of any working day, as these tools provide them with great ways to communicate, pay online and get things done remotely. There is also an added advantage to being remote environmentally friendly.

More flexibility

Work from home can have a positive impact on the team’s morale as psychological stress decreases and work-life balance strikes. Remote workers can schedule their appointments and perform their tasks without losing a working day, as studies show that they are not likely to miss work due to illness and do not expose others to the disease. Utilities like Invoice add monthly reports as summaries of your financial moves and your bestselling rankings, for example, in your store.

Hiring more talents

Overriding geographic restrictions during the hiring process allows you to choose from the best applicants for a specific job. If the most qualified staff resides on the other side of the world, you can still employ it, no problem. Also, these tools help you to deal in all different currencies and give you a great payment system for buying and selling in one way or another.

Flexibility and responsiveness

Teleworking may help to provide employees outside the normal working hours and in any region, which means making your services available to a larger number of customers and extending working hours, and this is very useful, especially the following are sales, electronic payments and customers.

Tools that help you easily increase the productivity of your business remotely

Tools to help you connect

The ease and efficiency of internal communication is the team’s main hurdle when working remotely. If your team members are unable to communicate with each other, responsibilities may overlap or lose the compass completely.


When you evaluate remote collaboration and work to accomplish the joint business wonderfully, you often go to Slack by providing distinguished services that enable users to communicate easily, as it regularly features their conversations, and allows the user to easily search for any conversation he wants because all the conversations are archived, and You can easily switch between many different files. Slack gives you the security and the ability to deal with external contractors and partners and send all your files, videos and pictures simply and wonderfully.


Aircall is a virtual call center system for the sales and support team. Simply install the program and Aircall will work within minutes whether you are using a desktop application or a browser. Because of its ease of setup, team members can be easily reached, even if they work from home. All they need is a laptop.

Our fast and efficient program allows making field calls with your team (internal calls and calls to and from customers) easily without any infrastructure obstacles or time constraints. And because Aircall can connect with many other tools (like CRMs, Helpdesks, etc.) you won’t miss an important phone call. Aircall keeps you in touch with your team and customers.


Zoom is the most popular video conferencing software. It combines high resolution and many features of great importance, such as screen sharing, content sharing and recording, which makes it a suitable choice for organizations that need integrated conference solutions.

Zoom makes meetings easier with just one person downloading the program and anyone else can click on the meeting link to join from your phone, desktop or tablet.

Zoom also helps to enhance collaboration during meetings by allowing participants to share the screen and joint use of touch screens and whiteboards, and Zoom also provides ways to help participants exchange ideas better than most of the available video platforms.

Tools to help you share information

Regardless of whether or not you choose to work from home, everyone should be aware of the latest developments. These tools help you share important information with your team, no matter where they are.


Front solves the problem of sending electronic messages via email by linking technical support tickets, email, messages and internal applications, and Front represents a central and accurate call center for the customer service representatives who use it.

The link between Front and Aircall helps the team make and receive calls and access important contextual information about them in one place.

Easily providing customer information to your employees contributes to constructive conversations and speeds up productivity.


Zapier enables the automation of workflows by combining several tools. Team members don’t want to switch between different apps on the job because they are busy, so Zapier syncs all customer and team information between different programs. Zapier also makes it easy to link your other tools and keeps your entire team up to date with the saving of precious time for everyone.

Tools to help you manage tasks

It can be difficult to assign and follow tasks if your team is not in one location. Without the right tools, your team will mess up and miss important deadlines.


Monday is described as a business “operating system” and we will describe it as a powerful project management platform that helps the team in all its departments track, manage and execute various tasks and activities.

Monday combines a brilliant and accurate user interface with automation that makes it easy to use. Monday can be linked with many of your favorite tools and is an essential feature of the team of our time.


Intercom is a messaging app that helps companies stay in touch with their customers. The main functionality of the application is to contribute to converting the site visitor into a customer who pays for the service. Intercom has many benefits for the home team.

Intercom can track all customer interactions in a unified control panel, group inbox allows team collaboration together while processing client files and managers can also assign some team members to follow-up tasks. Intercom can be linked with many other tools, and allows the entire team to monitor customer participation in perfect coordination while working from home.


Online project management and team assignments contribute to a major shift in your company’s path towards achieving its goals. And because Taskat is a task management system available in Arabic or English, it enables you to manage your team easily and efficiently.


The Trello tool helps you to manage your tasks professionally and fit your level. It also schedules all practical duties that you are required to perform.

Trello tracks your team work, organizes your work, maintains good electronic memory and integrated time and work organization. The Trello tool is one of the most famous tools in project management and practical tasks, and it is easy and flexible.

Tools to help you with productivity and reporting

These tools boost your team’s productivity and track everyone’s progress in their missions. The clarity of the performance indicator helps harmonize the work of your remote team.


Home employees ‘work raises many managers’ performance concerns. However, the use of quality assurance tools such as Klaus contributes to not losing any deal, as it helps managers review and appraise team communication across different channels. You can get and review call logs, leave constructive employee feedback, and easily record employee performance from one interface when using aircall and klaus together.


The Avoma smart assistant assists the sales and customer service team to copy and analyze customer calls to get summary points and actionable insights from every conversation.

The Avoma smart assistant uses artificial intelligence to provide searchable text, brief notes, and automatic synchronization with CRM. The smart chat feature helps to identify the speaker’s identity, subject matter, keyword directions and talking points to highlight important information for managers.

Avoma also supports collaboration between different departments through searchable recordings, central notes, clip sharing and playlist.

The connection between Avoma and Aircall helps analyze the conversations that different teams hold without doing manual work, then use these outputs to close more deals and delight customers.

Tools to help you pay online


I got tired of online payment tools and didn’t find the best one? We have brought you the best solution, which is an electronic payment invoice tool. The invoice gives you great methods of electronic payment and the completion of all your financial transactions in an easy and safe first-class manner. The application of an invoice has proven its worth in the electronic world being the best tools that work to complete the accounting work and the completion of all financial transactions according to various advantages.

Invoice application creates different invoices, through which it is easy for you to deal with different customers and send their invoices professionally and distinctly. Through an invoice, you can conjure up all the meanings of security and safety, complete ease in dealing and remarkable achievement, if you have a business and would like to apply through which all your financial transactions are carried out, the invoice tool is the best, and if you are looking for the most secure tools for electronic payment and would like to use them in Your daily life Through the process of buying and selling from the Internet, the invoice application is the best choice for you.

An invoice is one of the most important electronic payment tools through which you can also do a mini shop that helps you to save a lot of money spent on mega stores, as it provides modern and new interfaces and additions. The bill supports many different types of currencies that keep your business running without problems, and the application of a bill provides you with a high level of security and confidentiality for your transactions. Moreover, the online payment gateway, Bill, gives you an electronic bill bill site that details the payment details of the products, making you look at all your purchases as if they were in one basket without random or intellectual clutter.

With the secure system provided by the API, you can create a special payment link to receive payments very easily, giving you complete security upon entry. You have now found an electronic payment portal that saves you time and effort and helps you to manage your business incredibly. Browse now the benefits of the new bill.

For developers

Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker allows collaboration between members of your technical team by recording bug reports, feature requests, and to-do lists in one interface. Pivotal Tracker gives you a top-down view of your team’s work, and allows priority setting and weekly scheduling. If your company’s software developers are working from home, Pivotal Tracker is the easiest way to keep the team together.


Github allows developers to share code. You can request notes and comments from team members and work on projects collaboratively. Also, it has become easier to review code and pair programming by linking Github with Slack

Best practices for these tools and tips for working remotely

You must be a seasoned leader, managing a team working remotely using multiple tools like this is not easy. Despite the advantages that remote work provides for your team and your company, you have to spend a lot of time and effort every day developing it. Here are some tips to do so.

Be the inspiration for your employees

Choose the employees you feel can work remotely, not all employees can afford it. Ensure that employees are suitable for remote work, while not deviating from your path towards the main goal. Give the team more responsibility and enhance confidence, transparency and self-credibility. You will gain many benefits when contributing to the qualification of your coworkers. Give them great communication tools as before, and if necessary, train them on them or attach this article to them.

Be available, but give your team some freedom

You will have a team that you can trust if you hire the right talent. Set goals for your team clearly with a deadline for delivery and give them a space of freedom as long as the work is going well and on time. One of the bad habits of remote team leaders who use tools that help them get their work done is meticulous management, this method is not effective because employees will spend a lot of time interacting with you. Moreover, it will become annoying, their morale will be greatly affected and productivity will decrease accordingly. Tell your team that they can seek help and advice from you whenever they need and that you trust their independence and self-sufficiency if they work from home.

Building a corporate culture

The “company culture” of a remote working team may seem illogical, but necessary. Remote workers may not enjoy personal communication, but this does not mean that you should not strive to build team spirit.

It is best to foster the fellowship spirit among your team members by using many things such as tools that help you get your work done easily as described above. Encourage pleasant humor and harmony between them and it will pay off, everyone will feel more attached to their co-workers and more inclined to work as one unit.

Teamwork may be difficult for teams that work remotely in particular, but keep in mind that some aspects of work in one place (noisy coworkers – moody mood – interruptions at work, etc.) are less impactful on remote work.

Communication .. Communication .. Communication

The above tools are great for starting to build your team to work remotely, but it is up to you to make the most of them.

Teleworking gives employees more freedom and accountability, but it also makes daily communication more difficult. Use team meetings to share ideas so you don’t waste time while working remotely. Take every opportunity to make sure that everyone is aware of what is going on and resist the temptation to avoid or delay problem solving so that it does not turn into bigger problems.

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