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Increase Productivity in Your Workplace with These Office Alterations

Offices bring together a group of people who might have different working styles. Getting them all to be at their most productive can be a challenge. However, there are some things will prevent almost anyone from doing their best work. If the lights are too bright, or there’s too much noise, workers can struggle to hit their stride. A few sensible changes to your office can help to make everyone more comfortable and ready to work. You don’t need to complete an entire office redesign. Some new furniture could be useful. However, you might be able to improve your office without spending any money.

Get the Lighting Right

Lighting needs to be at the right level in your office. If it’s too low, it could make people sleepy and unproductive. They could also be squinting at their screens. This can lead to eye strain, tiredness and headaches. But if the lights are too strong, they could also experience strained eyes. Many people think they should have their office lights as bright as possible. However, this isn’t a great idea if you’re mostly using artificial light. Try to get as much natural light into the office as possible. You can supplement it with eco-friendly and efficient lights. An LED panel or two in the right locations brightens things up, especially in dark winters.

Ergonomic Desk Setups

Sitting at a desk all day can cause many different problems. People suffer from bad posture, repetitive strain injury, and headaches. Ensuring that your employees have healthy desk setups could boost their productivity. Start with chairs, which they could be spending eight hours or more in each day. An adjustable chair is always best so that everyone can have it in the right position for their height. A separate keyboard allows people to put their hands and wrists in a healthier position. You can also provide risers for computer screens so employees can place them at the right height. It helps to remind everyone of healthy habits too, from sitting properly to having a stretch.


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Keep It Clean and Tidy

Most people struggle to get work done if their working environment is cluttered. It’s difficult for individual employees to have full control over their workspace. So it’s up to you to ensure the office as a whole is clean and tidy. Part of this is ensuring that everyone takes responsibility for their own space. So remind everyone to keep their desks organized. However, it’s also important that you can keep an eye on the rest of the office. A clean and tidy office is more productive, and it’s also safer. You don’t want anyone tripping over a stray box that has been left lying around.


Getting the temperature right in an office can be difficult. You might have seen studies about office workers and the differences in ideal temperatures between men and women. Not only do male and female bodies operate differently when it comes to staying warm or cool, but men and women also dress very differently too. For men, a suit is standard office wear. But the choice for women is much greater, and can range from a suit to a light dress. Getting the temperature right can be a balance between dress code and the thermostat. No one should be shivering despite wearing five layers. But no one should be sweating through their suit either. Some things you could consider include relaxing your dress code and allowing both personal heaters and fans.


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Office Layout

The layout of your office can have an effect on productivity in several ways. Some people believe that the trend in open-plan offices hasn’t been a good one. It means that it’s easier for everyone to chat and for people to feel disturbed by what’s happening around them. An open-plan office might be suitable for your company, however. In some offices, it encourages creativity and collaborative working. The layout of your office could also offer some other features to encourage productivity. For example, it could have different zones for different types of work.


Noise control can be an important factor in many offices. Some people need complete silence to work. Others like background noise or even music. Getting the balance right can be hard. It can help to offer your employees choices. If it doesn’t impact their work to be cut off, allow them to use headphones. If some people prefer to work quietly, you could have some quiet zones.

A few changes to your office could boost productivity by a significant amount. It wouldn’t take long to create a better working environment.

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