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Importance of a Clear Vision

When a person is clear about his goal and the steps to be followed then the path seems to become easier than usual but if he is not then he may fall into troubles and difficulties in facing competition in future. A person should be clear with his approach which ultimately comes under vision because if you are not clear with the techniques to be followed then at the time of need he will be left with tension and pressure. When a company works its good working is not only useful for the head but also for the people working for him. If a company runs in profit then it ultimately benefits the people working in it but if does not do well then the lifestyle of not only the owner but also of complete staff is affected. Decisions which are taken at the crucial times are not risky but what increases the probability of failure and in actual what is risky is not knowing what you are doing. Even Warren Buffett said once, “risk is not knowing what you are doing”, with which he meant if you have good knowledge and you are aware of the decisions and the reason behind them then it will not be called as a risk whereas if you are not aware of the knowledge and all the possible consequences and still made a decision then it will be a true risk.

When a person is aware of his decision then that means he is well aware of the probability of failure and also he is very well prepared for facing the consequences whereas if the decision is taken randomly or according to what other says that means he is not aware of the possibilities which can go against him and when this happens then it means he is not prepared for the future consequences which can ultimately increase the problem. Knowing what you are doing and which way to go with then it means the decision taker is well cleared with his mind and his present as well as future approach which is known as having a clear vision.

Ambiguous knowledge and less preparation have become some of the few reasons which have resulted in failure of any business and this is the area which needs to be worked upon by the newbies if they want their work to go smoothly. Only smooth working is not a benefit of having a clear vision but it also gives a confidence to move further without any doubts because when you carry doubts with you then you cannot give your 100% all the time and you will keep on doubting your decision which is in short is not good for any firm. One of the qualities of a leader is that he should be clear and firm with his decisions so that he can leave a good impact in his work and image, and to have this character one should be clear with his vision.

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