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Note-perfect: how your business can benefit from its own branded notepads

If you’re running a company, you’ll know how important branding is to the success of your business. Branding encompasses anything from mission statements, brand values, logos, website, to social media, but also includes any additional assets your company chooses to produce – things like business cards, posters, and brochures. It’s so important that you choose the right branding exercise for your company, as often businesses invest in items which offer minimal impact but maximum costs, like branded keyrings and mugs. One of the best platforms to display your branding is through your own branded notepads. Let’s look at the benefits of branded notepads…

Carry your brand with you anywhere

Lots of companies give away forms of advertisement like mugs, mouse mats, and coasters, but these items can be clunky and difficult to carry around. Branded notepads are of course portable, meaning you can use them at your desk, when attending meetings and conferences, and even to large-scale events. Your notepad will be visible to large audiences, and if you choose an impressive custom design, it will grab these people’s attention even more!

Everyone can enjoy them

The great thing about branded notepads is that they serve so many purposes – they’re incredibly practical, as well as appealing. You can use them as an internal item, dishing them out to your valued staff members, or even as a free giveaway to new and loyal customers. Who doesn’t want to be known as the brand that offers freebies of such great quality?

An affordable marketing solution

Notepads aren’t typically expensive; they can actually be one of the cheapest additions you can make to your office. They offer a great return on investment as they are affordable but also offer repeat marketing exposure to your company. You can order in bulk to save money in the long-run, or you could even print them yourself using a binding machine like the ones offered by Duplo International. Binding machines are a great investment as they produce highly premium finishes to books and brochures, as well as notepads.

Highly customisable

Branded notepads are essentially a blank slate – they can be customised to your exact design needs. You can add your logo, branding messages, your contact details if you wish, choose a lined or unlined notepad… the possibilities are endless! Get creative and create a design that is going to be eye-catching amongst staff, clients, and customers. You could even take things one step further and personalise the notepads with embossed names or initials – they make great gifts for rewarding hard work!

Encourage productivity

If you’re giving your branded notepads out to staff, this can be a clever way to boost productivity. You’ll find that your staff start using notepads more and more – from taking notes within meetings, writing information down when they’re not in the office, to creating to-do lists for their day. Your staff will become happier and more organised, which is a huge benefit to your company.

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