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How to Use Your Smart Devices to Make Money on the Side

After paying the bills, taxes, rent or mortgage, and buying groceries, we’d be surprised if we’re left with enough money to treat ourselves to a nice night out with friends. We work and slave away at our day jobs, but most of that money goes back into living costs and very little is left over for our personal enjoyment. It’s sad, but it’s the reality of the working life.

Thankfully, there are ways to earn an extra bit of income for all of your hobbies. As long as your interests don’t involve fancy sports cars and designer clothing, you can utilise the internet to get some extra pocket money without much work. It’s not quite working from home, but it’s enough to treat yourself to a few drinks or a delicious meal more often than you used to. Instead of listing all the possibilities, this will be a list of different methods you can use depending on the devices you own.

So whether you own a computer or just a smartphone, here are some ways to make a bit of extra side money without much fuss. If you’re looking for more ideas, head over to The Fortunate Investor for more inspiration on how to make money using the internet.


There are dozens of legitimate apps on your smartphone that you can use to earn a bit of cash. There are apps that let you tag your social media photos with the products you are using and wearing, and if people click those links you’ll get a small commission each time someone purchases the items that you use. There are also apps that pay you to watch video adverts and click on links.

You don’t get much, but if you’re on your daily commute you could earn cash from just watching a bunch of advertisements on your phone. You can also look for survey-filling applications. Sign up, answer a couple of survey questions, then get paid directly to your PayPal account. It’s simple, it’s fast, and it’s a great way to earn some extra cash while you’re bored.


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Moving on to the laptop, there are a couple more options you can use. Since the laptop is a portable device, the follow suggestions will assume that you carry your laptop around to work or on commutes.

Much like the smartphone, there are plenty of surveys that you can take online. You’ll earn roughly the same, but it’ll be easier to type responses and answer questions using a keyboard and mouse. If you buy a lot of different products, then you can also get paid to write online reviews. If you’re lucky, you can even contact different companies for sample products and test units for different devices so that you can review them. You usually get to keep any sample products you get, but test units will usually have to be sent back.

There’s also the option of blogging. Most income from a blog comes from advertisements and affiliate links, but you can blog about almost anything and get an audience. Write about things you love, write about recent products you bought, or just write about yourself—do what feels best.

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