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How to Use Technology To Improve Your Retail Customer Service

We recently wrote about a few of the things all retail businesses should be doing to show off their value to customers. So, today, we thought we would bring to your attention one of the best ways of making those improvements – through technology.

Of course, investing in tech can be a worrying issue for any business, especially retail stores who have small margins to work within.

However, we hope this post will explain some of the main advantages that technology investment can bring. Let’s get started right away with some of the basics.

Better communication

The world communicates in many different ways these days. There are the traditional phone calls and billboard advertising, of course, but there are also new kids on the block. Email, social media, text messaging – they are all excellent tools for retail businesses to explore.

Not only are there more avenues, but there is also the possibility of communication with customers in the way they like. For example, many younger people like hearing about offers and services via text messaging or live chat. Older people, however, prefer the most traditional methods such as a phone call or a leaflet drop. The point is, you can segregate your customers and give them exactly what they want.

Faster service

Invest in payment technology and you can serve customers a lot quicker than you can with an old cash register. You will see a big reduction in queues, and with the right credit card machines, you can even take payment from the shop floor. It gives your customers the chance to spend less time waiting around for service And, it gets more money through your business at a much quicker rate.

Offer a DIY experience

Not every customer wants to have to talk to a sales assistant every time they come in through the door. Some may be shy, or just don’t have time to communicate with staff. So, invest in tech to give them other options.

Self-service cash registers are a step in the right direction, of course. And, you can also put a few information points around to allow customers to browse for products by themselves. Again, it’s all about giving people options – and you will find that your customers start to enjoy that choice.

Open all hours

Most physical retail stores have an online presence, too, these days. It makes sense, as it protects you against the threat of the Internet eating too much out of your market potential. Having an online portal also gives customers the opportunity of contacting you whenever they want.

We live in a much different world today than it was only a couple of decades ago. Working patterns are different for everyone, and fewer people than ever work 9-5. So, try to open up access for questions and queries outside of normal retail hours.

Try using some of these suggestions above to bring more technology into your business. We believe that the right product can give you a considerable return on our investment. Let us know your thoughts and recommendations below.

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