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How to Survive Your Office’s Annual Christmas Party

When you mention planning the annual Christmas party does the staff groan?  Has it become another boring office get-together that quickly becomes a vague memory?  Become the office hero for planning an office party that’s a true celebration. Here are some tips to surviving your annual office Christmas party without becoming everyone’s memory for the wrong reasons.

Things to Keep in Mind While Planning:

  • Plan ahead for the party and don’t wait until the last minute to throw something together.  The officeChristmas party is a special one and if it’s unorganised, the attendees are going to know about it. So, if you haven’t started planning yet, it may be time to make a start.
  • Make lists of activities to do and delegate responsibilities to staff who you can trust to get the job done.Trying to take on everything by yourself is only going to increase the chances of mistakes, so break down your duties and hand them over.
  • Create a budget for the party, so you know how much you can plan for food, entertainment, drinks and gifts. Be realistic and don’t run out of money before you’ve had the chance to arrange everything.
  • Decide on the venue where you want the party to be held and keep in mind travel to and from, especially if alcohol is being served. You want a place that is going to be a viable option for everyone, so choose carefully.
  • Decide if you want to create a party theme or if you just want to go with traditional decorations. If the venue isn’t decorated and everyone is still in their work outfits, the mood is going to be severely dull.
  • Employees expect to have food and something to drink.  Decide if you want to serve appetisers or a meal, and if you want to serve alcohol or not. Ensure you ask around to see if anyone has any dietary requirements, don’t assume you know what everyone will be able to eat.
  • Plan for entertainment and games.  You may want to hire a DJ for music, and keep party games fun and festive. If you’re struggling for ideas, take a look into Team Tactics Christmas partieswho offer a variety of different activities for all your office to indulge in.
  • Know your staff.  Think about what the team would enjoy and create an atmosphere for the party that encourages relaxation, social interaction, and fun memories to take away.
  • Plan for photographs that can be posted as a reminder to staff of the great time everyone had. If you’re budget can stretch to it, have a photo booth inside the venue.
  • Trinkets and party giftsare a great way for staff to have something to take with them to remind them they matter to the company.  These don’t need to be expensive because often, it’s the little memento of the great time they had that matters.

After a year’s worth of hard work, all staff members deserve an office celebration that allows them to disconnect and start getting into the festive spirit. Although past parties may have been intolerable for some, with the right planning and thought, they should be the perfect way to end the year for everyone.

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