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How to reboot your career in 2017

The new year provides you with an opportunity to take a step back and re-evaluate various aspects of your life, including your work. So, if you’re bored of your job, you’re not earning enough money or you simply fancy a change, now could be the time to take action. To get you started, the following suggestions should help you to reboot your career in 2017.

Consider retraining

You might think it’s too difficult, time consuming or costly to retrain, but the truth is, there are a variety of different ways to reskill or upskill. Whether you’re keen to enhance your current qualifications or you want to strike out in a completely new direction and try something different, you should be able to find courses that suit. Bear in mind that as well as traditional classroom-based courses, there are now many online study options that can make it easier to fit your learning around your existing schedule. As mortgage adviser training specialist Simply Academy notes, e-courses are highly flexible and they enable you to study towards qualifications in your own time.

It’s well worth spending some time researching your options. Although it requires commitment and effort to achieve new qualifications, this step could transform your prospects and open up a whole new realm of career opportunities.

Make a five-year plan

Making a five-year plan might seem a bit clichéd, but this process can play an important role in helping you to clarify your thoughts and it can give you an added sense of direction and purpose. It will enable you to set out the steps you need to take in order to reach your goals and give you a clear idea of the sort of timescale involved. Of course, your plan doesn’t actually have to encompass a five-year period. It could be a year, two years or 10 years. The important thing is to map out a route that you can follow and measure your progress against.

Your plan could including anything from reaching training goals to achieving promotions, acquiring experience in particular areas or saving a certain sum of money to enable you to set up your own business. Don’t be afraid to think big, but make sure the steps you identify are achievable.

Give your CV some TLC

If and when a great job opportunity arises, you’ll need an impressive CV in order to stand a chance of landing the role. So, unless you’re completely satisfied with it, now’s the time to give your résumé an overhaul. There’s plenty of advice online to help you tweak this document, but one of the main points to bear in mind is that your CV should be concise, clear and compelling. Every detail you include should help you to stand out as a candidate, so cut out any waffle. As a general rule, your résumé should be no more than two pages of A4 and it should prominently display your skills and experience.

When you’ve finished making any changes to your CV, it’s worth getting the document checked over by someone with a keen eye for detail to make sure it doesn’t contain any errors.  Also, try to get into the habit of regularly reviewing this document to update it with any new experience and skills.

Rebooting your career takes time and effort; it’s not something you can do overnight. However, if you’re methodical about the process and you follow suggestions like these, you stand a good chance of achieving your goals.

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