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How To Maximise Profit In The Real Estate Game

Real estate can be quite a complicated world to operate within, it can sometimes be hard to ensure your real estate business turns over a constant profit. There are various ways you can guarantee a profit, yet they each require research and hard work to ensure it pays off. There are all kinds of costs required in the building and renovating of properties for sale, the key is to avoid as many of them as possible whilst still doing the relevant things needed to increase a property’s value. This article can help you get started and assist you in looking at your business in a new cost saving light.

Watch Out For Tax

Just like any business your profits will be taxed. But if you make a huge sum on a property investment sell off you may end up paying a huge chunk of it back to the government. While you should never illegally avoid tax, there are ways in which you can circumvent it. The prime way is knows as the like kind exchange, and can literally save you 30-40% of your investment return if managed in the right way. Another way of making the most of your money is through a tax specialist. Having a consultation with a tax pro can help you save huge amounts of money through government tax refund schemes among other things that you would not have known about previously. The cost of the consultation is mitigated by the vast amount of money saved.

Partner With A Tradesman

If you’re looking for a partner to go into property development with do it with a tradesperson. If not a partnership, then maybe you can make an exclusive agreement for cheaper work as long as you always use the same tradesperson for all of your properties. Tradesman fees are one of the biggest outgoings for all property investors as they need to pay for the work completed on the home.Care is needed, otherwise the amount spent will not always be recouped when the property is sold, this is why it makes sense to make a deal or go into a partnership with tradesmen as it brings the costs down hugely. Also, tradesmen are all in the know, and whoever you partner with will likely be able to get other tradesmen involved for lower rates too.

Repurpose Property

A key way of increasing return on investment is by repurposing property. Many people simply make changes and then sell on, but if you aim for a disused building block for example you can turn it into apartments, meaning you’ll have multiple properties to sell on instead of just the one. This is one of the most lucrative things you can do and the sell on value will be huge. Sure, you may have to pay your fair share of construction costs, but the profit made will far outweigh it. It’s about seeing the bigger picture and going for buildings you would not initially think of as property development opportunities as these garner the biggest returns.

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