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How To Make Money From a Custom Printed T-Shirt Business

Many people constantly look into starting a t-shirt printing business but soon lose interest- partly thanks to the learning process and conflicting data. If you are looking at embarking on this journey, then you’ll be pleased to know that you’ve come to the right place.

The great news is that you don’t need large amounts of money. All you need is the right shirt making equipment, a place to operate from, and an effective means of showcasing your product to the masses.


The global t-shirt printing business is projected to reach $3.1 billion by 2025. It’s expected to grow by 9.6 billion over the same period. With so much money, you can be sure thousands of other individuals are looking at opening such a business.

Printing Methods

There are several alternatives available. What determines which methods you select is your overall capital and the clientele you project to have. Here are a few of the popular solutions currently available:

  • Direct To Garment

This method is the simplest on offer. Final products are great looking and have a fast production time. All this comes at a price, as one of these printers goes for anything between $4000 and $10,000. 

  • Screen Printing

Like DTG (direct to garment) printing, screen printing offers one of the best print quality solutions. On the other hand, it’s labor-intensive and has a high cost of supplies. However, it’s far cheaper compared to the first alternative on the list.

  • Heat Transfer Printing

Undoubtedly, this is the most popular means of t-shirt printing. It works by either allowing you to print your designs on a transfer paper using a printer or cut tiny vinyl pieces and then using them to design the t-shirt.

You can use a simple iron box/heat press machine to apply heat onto the paper or the vinyl onto the t-shirt. 


Once you are done selecting your printing equipment, it’s time to think of how you will market yourself. Fortunately, with the internet, this is easy. Billions of individuals use social media platforms each day. 

By leveraging websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., you can effectively create awareness of your products. This will go a long way toward building on brand awareness and conversion.

Business Plan

As you might have guessed, there’s stiff competition in this niche. This is due to the popularity and money involved. Therefore, if you wish to stand out- like your prints- take your time to study your targeted market.

This step can’t be emphasized enough. Understanding what your clientele want leaves you better positioned to deliver to their expectation.

To further improve your business, consider opening an online store. A great place to do this is on either Shopify or Amazon. Additionally, consider hiring a graphic designer or a freelancer designer to assist you in coming up with unique artistic prints.

Be Attentive

During the initial stages, ensure to keep a keen eye on the business. This includes knowing what your competitors are up to. Track how the sales numbers are and if there are any necessary adjustments to be made.

Watch the market for any current trends. And if necessary, don’t be shy to diversify to other fields- including printing coffee mugs, caps, and so on. All this will help in generating extra income for the business.

Reasons To Get Into T-Shirt Printing

  • Inexpensive to get into, compared to other forms of business. 
  • T-shirt printing is a profitable venture when adequately done- it’s expected to increase in profit over the years.
  • The production process is relatively simple, provided the printing method, design, and garments are supplied early in advance and in the right quantity.
  • There is a high demand for printed t-shirts. Both the corporate and retail world continue to feed this fire; thus, you are sure to have available markets for years to come.
  • For businesses, printing offers a cheap, efficient means of marketing themselves. Each time your staff steps out of the office, they act as mobile billboards. This may lead to increased sales.

On-Demand Services

Printing on demand is an excellent way of saving cash- particularly if you are just opening the business. 

How it works is that you look for customers through your online platforms or other marketing vehicles, then you pass on the details to a third-party printing firm. They complete the order and ship the product to the client.


For anyone seeking an alternative means of earning an additional income, t-shirt printing presents a lucrative viable solution. With proper planning, patience, and determination, you are bound to succeed. 

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