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How to Host Your Own Business Workshop

Do you have tons of business knowledge that you know would benefit others in your industry? Even if you haven’t been working in your chosen niche for long, the skills and experience you’ve gained can help others who are following a similar path. Offering your tips and tricks to fellow business owners or aspiring business owners can also help you generate connections and expand your network. Who knows, you may even have people asking you to coach them as a result!

If you’re considering hosting a business workshop, here are the main things to consider:

What’s the content of your workshop?

What is it that you want to discuss in your business workshop? The more specific you can be about what you want to teach, the more effective the workshop will be, and the more people that will sign up. Choose something that you are passionate about and include practical exercises, videos, group discussions, and lectures in your facilitation to make it the most effective. You want to establish yourself as an authority in the topic you are talking about so that you’ll be the go-to person for all those who attend your workshop.

Where will you host the workshop?

Choosing the location for your workshop is a crucial step. The right location can contribute to a higher attendance rate, and you want to choose somewhere that your target audience hangs out. You also want to select a location that fits within your budget, which will vary depending on if you’re hosting a free or paid workshop.

Co-working spaces are among the best locations to host a business workshop. You’ll find tons of business owners, freelancers, and private contractors working out of co-working spaces. There is a vast bank of people who would get value from your workshop directly at your fingertips. You can save money on the marketing of your workshop since the co-working space will help promote the event for you, posting on their socials and putting up flyers in the space itself.

It’s mutually beneficial for a coworking space Liverpool to promote your workshop since it may attract new potentials customers to them in the process.

When will you host the workshop?

You need to be strategic when you choose the date and time for your workshop. Consider the demographic you are trying to reach and what their typical schedule is like. The time you start your workshop will also depend on the overall length. If it’s a half-day workshop, you don’t want to start it mid-morning or late in the afternoon since it will be inconvenient.

If your workshop is for freelancers and business owners, you’ll want to host it during the week, since many people will not want to work on the weekends or be willing to commute in just for the event.


Once you’ve decided all of the above information, you can begin spreading the word about your workshop and building awareness. Not only will you be providing value and knowledge to other like-minded business owners, but it gives you the chance to plug your product or services as well.

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