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How to Attract Top Talent

Knowing how to market your company so that it attracts great staff is a bit of an artform. Understanding how to talk about your company so that you are getting the attention of high calibre candidates takes a little time to perfect, but once you have it nailed can really make the difference between a mediocre work force and enjoying the benefits of forming a bonafide dream time. Learn how to get the best types of employees applying for positions in your company with our simple tips below.

Learn How to Sell

You may or may not have a background in sales, but if you’re unsure of how to sell your business you’re already missing a trick when it comes to finding the best staff out there for your business. In order to get people really excited about working for your company you need to market the hell out of everything that your company offers and make the advertised position look like an unmissable opportunity. Talk about all the perks that the job, and your company as a whole, offers the candidate and be mindful that even the smallest detail to you may just be the most desirable perk to a candidate.

Market flexible working schedules, extensive training programmes, free gym membership, free organic fruit, full relocation packages, company progression. Talk about the creative challenges involved, state company policies on career support or private health insurance. Really think about the perks involved in your business and sell, sell, sell them.

Talk the Talk and Walk The Walk

Learning how to talk about your company, and any available job positions, in a way that resonates with your target employee is really important. You want to find a way to talk about all the wonderful things that happen in your company in a way that gets people excited and wanting to be a part of it. But it’s not just about saying all the right things it’s also about saying them in the right places. You could shout the biggest benefits of your company from the rooftops but if no one hears them, you’ll end up with nothing but a sore throat. Therefore understanding the movements and interests of the types of people that you are looking to secure as part of your team will then help you understand where you can market the position.

Utilise social media platforms as a way to reach out to candidates you feel are interesting for your company. Also use social media as an additional way that you can market the dynamism and unique qualities of your business. Are you organising any events in your local area? Talk about it. Take pictures, post them and market the success of any fantastic events your company hosts. Is your company getting involved in any interesting campaigns? Again, talk about it. Just continue to promote anything that you’re doing. All the creative and interesting movements of your business that will make people sit up, take notice and want to be a part of.

Continuously Develop Your Dream Team

People buy into people and that is very true when it comes to your recruitment process. People want to be part of dynamic, interesting and creative teams, so making this a focus for your company is imperative. Top talent is drawn to companies because of the people. People want to be associated with the best so if you continually focus on building the best team for your business you will continue to attract top calibre clients.

Build an Amazing Business Community

Creating a fantastic environment for your staff is one sure fire way to get people raving about your business and have people wanting ‘in’. To peak the interest of the most sought after staff you must work on creating a supportive, creative and stimulating business community where people feel proud to be a part of the team and have people excitedly banging down your door to become a part of it.

Proudly Present Your Fantastic Customer Service

Employees are attracted to companies with strong reputations. Strong reputations come from quality products, efficient service and top notch customer service. Candidates want to be associated with companies that people speak positively about and that are widely respected. Companies that offer competent and efficient customer service tend to be the companies that receive positive word of mouth, so as business owners you need to make sure the way you are servicing your clients is professional and effective.

There are many different ways to reflect that your company provides great customer service. Of course candidates will do their own research online but there are other little proactive ways that you can give off the right impression. Adding inspirational customer service quotes to your email signature or adding customer testimonials to your website will reflect that your customers happiness is at the heart of everything you do in your business.

Be Honest and Transparent

If there’s one thing that all candidates will tell you when searching for their next job is that they want honesty and transparency. It is a total waste of time for both interviewer and interviewee to get carried away and start to oversell the job. All that results in, is disappointment and high staff turnover. Therefore, even when faced with an exceptional candidate it’s important to remain truthful about the role and be transparent about your company’s goals, objectives and overall purpose.

People can spot nonsense a mile away so if the job doesn’t involve any travel and the candidate has stated a desire to travel with her job, don’t be tempted to start improvising on all the potential travel that may be integrated within the job in the following year. It will come across as disingenuous and even if you get away with it in the moment, you certainly won’t when that individual is pushing for more international tradeshows and meetings in the months to come. Honesty is always the best policy. With the above it mind, your company should already be fantastic enough to not have to fabricate any unnecessary details. In fact it should be so wonderful that you can just sit back and pretty much let it sell itself.

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