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How Microscopy Is Employed in Manufacturing

Any serious manufacturing business owner knows that quality control is something that you cannot scrimp on. To make sure that not a single flaw goes undetected, it’s best if you invest in automated microscopy systems for your company. By using microscopes powered by highly accurate linear stages, you’ll more easily find any defects before your products reach store shelves or get into the hands of your customers.Read on to learn just how microscopy is employed in manufacturing and how it can benefit your business.

It Provides Better Quality Control

Even if you have the highest quality equipment in the world, there is still the slightest possibility that some of the output may be defective. A single problematic product could be enough to drive your company out of business because of the bad press it can generate.Unfortunately, there are many things that are undetectable to the naked eye. That’s why automated microscopy is crucial to detecting cracks, warps, and other defects before it’s too late.With automated microscopy systems, your employees will be able to find even the tiniest of flaws before they get any worse.

These issues may seem negligible at first, but could wind up putting your consumers in a lot of danger as it worsens over time. Affected consumers could file a claim against you in court for damages caused by any defective products you’ve released in the market. Whether it’s a hairline crack in a vehicle or unwanted bacteria on food packaging, you don’t want your brand tied up in a legal battle. The legal fees alone may be enough to drain your business of its funds. Additionally, the bad publicity could cement your reputation as an unreliable business, negatively affecting your sales and future prospects.

It Ensures More Cost-Efficient Production

Most owners hesitate to put these kinds of systems into place because of the amount of money it will take for the initial set-up. However, if you get the right systems in place, you’ll actually be able to start saving more money down the line. When you employ people to carry out menial quality control tasks, you’ll have to pay out more in terms of salaries and benefits. You’ll also have to invest in proper training so that they do the job properly. Otherwise, they may miss certain defects that could put your brand name in jeopardy.

With automated microscopy systems, though, you won’t have to stretch your budget in order to hire hundreds of employees.By offloading the work to automated systems, you can do the same amount of work in far less time. In fact, you can produce a higher quantity and quality of output while paying far less. You can thus invest in training your people on how to properly operate and maintain these systems instead of carrying out dull, repetitive tasks.

It Standardizes Production Processes

Doing things manually comes with a lot of risks. For one thing, having to align each linear stage individually can eat up lots of time and effort. There is also a lot more room for human error. Even positioning a microscope off-center by just a few millimeters could be enough to defect. Thus, an entire batch of product could come out wrong, wasting precious time and money that you can’t afford to lose.To make matters worse, manual labor could put your employees at risk of developing repetitive stress-related injuries. You won’t get accurate results if your employee’s fingertips go numb and negatively affect their precision. However, it’s not just about the quality of work that your staff can provide; it’s about making sure that they are safe at all times. Otherwise, you could also have a lawsuit filed against you for causing your employees potentially irreversible bodily damage.

To over come this, you should employ automated systems so that you can produce the exact same design with the exact same level of quality each and every time. These systems can automatically align any microscopy equipment. Thus, you won’t need somebody to constantly adjust the machine each time a batch of items has been completed. If you do need to make changes, you won’t have to spend a fortune on an entirely new machine or part, either. All you’ll have to do is reprogram the machine. In most cases, it’ll carry out the changes for you with minimal effort on your part.

Invest in automated microscopy now and you’ll surely see an increase in productivity and profits. Remember: a single mistake could mean the downfall of your company, so don’t take the risk. Look into these systems now so that you can protect your brand from any potential damages in terms of reputation. Your consumers and investors will thank you for it.

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