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How Data Is Transforming The Manufacturing World

You will see it in just about every industry nowadays. The data-driven approach is helping business owners see greater results and find the solutions they might not have seen before for problems that plague the whole company. It is no different in manufacturing. Those manufacturers who take the time to look at the data presented by the business are becoming more efficient. In this article, we’re going to look at three ways they’re using data to see greater profits than ever before.

The customers

Manufacturing, at the end of the day, is all for the sake of the customers. Yet it’s not as hard to collect concrete data on people as you might have imagined. Nowadays, software like customer relationship technology makes it easier to log all past details gleaned for each and every customer interaction as well as keeping them in the loop about sales information. Nowadays, it’s easier to do that from the floor itself thanks to the great utilization of mobile technology in manufacturing. Being able to respond to customer queries in real time by staying connected no matter where you are can give your business the kind of reliability that a customer should be able to expect from manufacturers.

The product

The design and nature of the product itself are always going to have a big impact in just how the manufacturing goes. Poor choices caused by slow prototyping and inadequate testing has made it all too likely that products have to go back to the drawing board even after the production process is starting. However, as TEC has shown, nowadays companies are able to use virtual prototyping and testing as a way to create a ‘digital twin’ of their product. They’re able to use the reliability of data to find out a lot more about the product before manufacturing begins. Meaning they can spend the time they need making the tweaks to ensure that the product is ready for full-scale production.

The floor

When it comes to the actual process of manufacturing, then productivity is the name of the game. However, it’s all too easy to let that slip by failing to notice the causes of downtime that can quickly become the biggest source of loss in the business. By using metrics overall equipment effectiveness, you can take a data-driven approach to finding what machines and what processes cause the most downtime. Using those metrics, you can focus your efforts on tackling the biggest sources first, instead of those that might not make all that big a difference in the end. Ensuring the operational efficiency of the production line is crucial, and now it’s easier to get to the bottom of it than ever thanks to modern data capture methods.

Maintaining a sharp eye on demand and fulfilling the needs of the customer. Creating products that are easier to manufacture with fewer errors. Even ensuring the maximum possible efficiency and productivity on the floor. Data is transforming the manufacturing world, so make sure you’re using it in your business too.

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