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How Can Holding a Virtual Event Benefit Your Business?

Around 67% of businesses rely on virtual conferences in addition to in-person events, as per research published by Marketing. Some 45.7% of those who do say they do so to “generate pipeline,” a type of marketing strategy that combines sales and marketing data to focus on converting leads and potential customers, into actual clients. Nowadays, with the health crisis in full swing in many states, virtual events are becoming more popular, with businesses finding innovative ways to present their products and services while emphasizing safety and practicality.  If you have content to share virtually and you are concerned about designing an event that has to be postponed after you have already made a significant investment, how can a virtual event step in to help you achieve your goals?

Reducing Costs

When holding a conference at a hotel or business venue, you can look at costs ranging from $140 to $320 for a small event. Add to this the price of catering, equipment hire and the like, and the price could increase by several hundred dollars. Holding a virtual event allows you to bring the costs down considerably, since all you will really need is a good background (or green screen), live streamed event tools, and a good microphone to boost audio quality.

One useful tool is a custom virtual lobby, where you can chat with experts and speakers, make a virtual concierge accessible, and pin key content to the feed. You can use one or more live event platforms or apps (such as Zoom, Webex, or OBS) to match your viewers’ respective preferences. Look into features such as polling, word cloud, and Q&As so your event can have a professional feel and so that information can be shared quickly and efficiently between speakers and attendees. 

Boosting Your Reach

Virtual events have the ability to reach a much wider audience than traditional conferences, especially if you upload the event so that those who missed out on the live show can catch up. Forbes reports that businesses that many events planners report double or triple attendance figures, compared to numbers for live events. To ensure your content is liked and shared, think of ways to enhance your content delivery. The tools mentioned above are just one aspect of improving your reach. You should also actively promote your event on social media in the weeks and days leading up to the event, provide audiences with a copy of the schedule if there will be more than one speaker, and ensure that there is enough time at the end of talks for high-value Q&A sessions.

Relying on Top Technology

If you deal in industries such as technology or marketing, then showing that you are up to date with the very latest virtual tools is important. Think of how you might incorporate attractive features such as holographics, virtual reality, and social media live streaming. You might also entice audiences from different specialties by providing different sessions to visit and by providing summaries to email subscribers post-event. 

Virtual events are an excellent way to save money but also to ensure safety in uncertain times. They have the potential to reach a wider audience while saving businesses hundreds or even thousands of dollars. To ensure your event is professional and well-rated, rely on useful apps and tools. Prioritize clarity of delivery and sharability of content to boost your audience reach.

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