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How Can Cloud ERP Solutions Help Improve Your Business?

Cloud-based software solutions have taken over the ERP space. In a Forbes magazine survey, 93% of C-level executives felt that cloud-based collaboration would lead the way to innovation. 

ERP has been known to provide robust business solutions that can help reduce cost and increase efficiency. It’s time to take your enterprise to the next level with cloud-based ERP software solutions. It gives you the edge of Cloud-based services and the superiority of ERP software. Here we discuss a cloud-based ERP software that can help take your business to new heights. Click here to know more about it.

High-Level Security Features

You no longer have to worry about critical data being compromised. Cloud ERP solutions have robust security features that match any in-house data centre. Cloud vendors have gone to a great deal to ensure that your data is safe and uncompromised. They continually test their cloud’s security features to ensure that the data transit and storage have the highest security level. 


Your plans to scale your business need to be supported by the right vendors. When you opt for an in-house ERP software, you have limited scope for scalability. Even if you do scale up, it will require a large investment. By signing up with a cloud-based ERP vendor, you ensure that there is unlimited room for growth. A true business partner will be one who can match you stride for stride. 

Lower Investment

ERP systems need room for storage. When you go for in-house servers for storage, you need to invest in infrastructure to support and maintain them. A cloud-based ERP software does not require such a large investment. The vendor will have borne the cost of installing and maintaining the servers. You only pay for the space you use. You can click here to get details of an agile cloud-based ERP system.

Quicker Deployment

On-site ERP deployment is long and painful. There are pitfalls at every stage that can derail your schedule. They also result in higher implementation costs and involvement of most departments. A cloud solution will ensure that the deployment is quick and painless. While an on-site deployment may take about a year to implement, a cloud one will take only 3-6 months. 

Better Visibility and collaboration within the Company 

Projects today are dynamic and require a multidisciplinary team. It means that various departments need to collaborate to deliver efficiently. It also requires visibility across levels to ensure accountability. 

Faster Updates

Software companies continue to release updates with the latest features, bug fixes, and enhanced accessibility. With a cloud ERP, the vendor is responsible for all these updates. They will make sure that these updates are carried out faster as they want to reduce the downtime. 

Reduce Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

With less hardware and storage space, you can reduce your businesses’ carbon footprint. These CSR efforts go a long way in building a strong brand image in the public and investors’ minds. 

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) models are leading the way when it comes to ERP solutions. It is expected to reach the $50 billion mark by 2022. You can benefit from the many advantages that a cloud-based ERP has to offer. Click here to get more details on cloud ERP deployment options today.  

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