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Healthy Employees Equal Healthy Companies

Health or wealth: which is most important? Most people would say that health is the most important. But the equation is a little more complicated than that. It isn’t a straight choice between one or the other. Both health and wealth intermingle, adding or detracting from the other. If employees are in good shape, they’ll be more productive, take fewer sick days and be happier while they’re at work. If on the other hand, they’re in a bad state, they’ll be less productive, and morale in your office won’t be as good. So what stuff can you do to encourage better health among your employees? Here are what some experts and entrepreneurs think businesses ought to do.

Have A Dedicated Nap Room

Robert Moore, the CEO of a big data company, says that all businesses over a certain size should have a nap room, complete with comfortable sofa. According to Moore, a nap can mean the difference between an employee who is switched on and focused all day, and one that starts flagging halfway through the afternoon. Naps help to reset the brain and restore focus, meaning fewer mistakes and higher quality output throughout the entire day.

Host Wellness Workshops

Wellness workshops are a mainstay of some of the most successful companies in the world, including the likes of Microsoft and Google. This is why Jenny Blake, a woman who runs an education firm, Life After College, says that companies need to host regular wellness events. This could mean anything from how to eat better, to showing staff how to use CPR equipment. She suggests looking for AED machines for sale and training staff on how to use them to remain compliant, just in case the worst happens. She also says that wellness workshops are a great way to prevent employee burnout, especially if you happen to be a startup and everybody is working on the product twelve hours a day, seven days a week.

Provide A Fitbit For Every Employee



The great thing about wearables is that they’re small, cheap and provide a lot of value, especially when it comes to health. This is why Kelly Azevedo of She’s Got Systems, recommends that employers give all their workers a Fitbit, a device that will track their activity throughout the day. She says that it will encourage employees to suggest walking to lunch.

Make Over Your Kitchen

Many companies offer their workers food on-site. When you think about it, this is an excellent opportunity to make healthy eating exciting, and yet it is an opportunity that few companies actually take. Kevon Saber at Fig says that firms need to give their canteens and food service kitchens a big makeover. They need to replace the baked goods and the fatty, processed meals with healthy alternatives that their employees actually want to eat. A good place to start is to provide food that will keep employees full and alert all afternoon. Stuff like lentil and vegetable stew will release energy slowly and provide that concentration people need, especially if you’re expecting them to work until the evening.

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