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Harness the Power of the Written Word to Grow Your Business

Starting a new business is equal parts exciting, rewarding, stressful and risky; yet every year, thousands of people choose to start working for themselves. When you first consider launching a business, there are lots of freely accessible advice sources which provide guidance on key tasks such as drawing up a business plan, finding the right location and choosing a good name. Further down the line, plenty more advising on how to expand and diversify will also need to be considered. But, in-between these stages, the priority is to build on and strengthen what you have.

One solid way to do that is to make the most of the power of words. From advertising to both direct and indirect communication, words could be the pivotal factor in whether your business thrives and moves forward, or flounders and fails.

Method 1 – Social Media

According to stats from 2016, around half of the 28 million small businesses in the USA had no online presence at all. So, no website for potential buyers or clients to browse, no email or live chat to guarantee fast answers to queries or concerns, and no social media platforms being used to make connections, build a brand and advertise products or services.

Although not all of these methods may be applicable or feasible for every small business, operating entirely offline seriously limits both profit margins and growth potential. Where possible, have at least one member of staff trained to deal with Twitter and Facebook postings, and consider investing in even a basic website to open up a huge untapped market.

Method 2 – Advertising Flyers

You could have the best product or service ever invented, but if nobody knows you exist, then it is as good as useless. There are lots of sites online where it is possible to hire a copywriter and/or designer to create an eye-catching, well-written flyer advertising what you do or offer.

Take the time to think carefully about the important details you really want to include to tempt possible buyers or clients. Anyone designing a flyer will want to know what you offer, your location, experience, relevant qualifications, how you can be contacted, and of course have some idea of pricing, special offers and turnaround time.

Method 3 – Brochures

Depending on the nature of your business, you may find brochures help build a client base, and in turn, grow sales and profits. Brochures are a straightforward way to deliver information, and promote products and services.

Once you have decided on the content and design, simply use a free brochure maker to produce the final product, ready to distribute to both existing and potential interested parties.

You don’t need to know lots about marketing phrases, power verbs and how to write persuasive copy to make the most of this topic, but you really should either learn, or pay someone who does know to help – as it’s a great resource that you can easily tap into.

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