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Globalization- Is it really helping?

Business at large scale comes with lots of responsibilities and doubts whether will it work or not and similarly when it comes to globalization not only the companies but the country too holds many doubts in mind. You must have heard about the positive impacts of globalization because of which in today’s date almost every country wants foreign companies to come and invest in their country so that not only the variety of products but also the living standard and the economic value of that country can increase. Although globalization is showing positive effects but if you will have a close look then you can see the demerits of it as richer are getting richer and poorer are getting poorer.

You must be having doubts on what I said but in actual it is true, and this is because of the all those MNC’s that are using every tactic to shift the audience towards their product and company. It is not hidden from anyone that these big-big companies offer much higher salary as compared to the other companies of the same country because of which the people that are working with these MNC’s are rising very sharply as compared to other people with the same post because of which every other person wants to work for those companies that do not belong to their country. On the other hand, the products offered by these companies are generally of higher prices which are not in reach of every common person of that country which results in disharmony in the country mates and generally the targets are newbies so that they can get attract towards what that does not belongs to them.

The concept of globalization came into existence because of the need of stability in the economy but because of the methods used by them it is not creating a balance rather the gap between the rich and the poor is increasing every year which results in discrimination between the rich and poor people and children are growing with a thinking of superiority which is ultimately leading to failure in poverty alleviation. According to the survey of recent years it has been seen that globalization in India has not solved the poverty problem rather it has widened the gap between rich and poor. This is a very big issue and it can only be solved when things are done rightly and in order to do this customer should be aware of the company whose products they are buying. It does not mean they should stop using foreign country’s product but totally depending on them may not be good for their own country so in order to run things smoothly involvement of both national and foreign companies into our shopping list is required so that you can avail the advantage of variety with the healthy involvement of those companies that are ultimately going to define our country’s economic level so that future generation can be saved from getting depended totally on foreign companies.

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