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Glad to be of service: should your company’s first office be a serviced one?

You may have noticed the term “serviced office” cropping up more and more lately, and wondering what exactly a serviced office is? Well, a serviced office is a fully furnished and well-equipped office space that is located in a building that’s managed by an operator. It’s a pay-as-you-go lease on flexible terms, therefore proving to be a great option for business owners up and down the country.

In London, providers of serviced offices were the biggest takers of office space in 2017, and that figure has only been on the rise since. So, why is a serviced office from BE Offices (or similar providers) such a popular option?

Affordable costs

At the forefront of just about every business owner’s mind is their budget, and this is just one advantage that cannot be stressed enough when it comes to serviced offices. A ready-made space means that you only pay for what you use, and as all offices come fully equipped, there is little to no downtime between moving in and setting up.

You may ask, in this case, would working remotely not just suffice? Yes, it may do for a short while, however, a serviced office allows more opportunity to grow and scale in align with your business.

Flexible, short-term leases

The rental terms of serviced offices are highly flexible, and many offer contracts that span across as little as just one month. This is a great option for businesses that wish to remain agile and work in a space that can be expanded at the drop of a hat. We all know how unpredictable the business world can be and how quickly plans can change, right?

Access to all necessary facilities

Facilities that come with such offices include kitchens, dining areas, cleaning and maintenance services and even fully staffed reception desks. Meeting rooms and networking spaces can also be made available and, if you wish, you can request additional pay-as-you-go facilities. This means there are no hidden costs, which is ideal for simple budgeting.

Access to new markets

As serviced offices are available worldwide, this allows users to cast a very wide net when it comes to establishing a base. Consequently, businesses can set up at an address that may not have been financially viable under the usual circumstances… What’s more, this exciting access to business centers around the world will create endless opportunities.

Professional image

A serviced office means that all necessary resources are already within arm’s reach; perfect for when you have to meet with a client or prospective business partner. All clients will be warmly greeted in the reception area before being directed to where they need to be. As well as this, the receptionist is also on hand to answer any inbound calls. 

A serviced office will help to stimulate the workplace culture of creativity with employees taking initiative from the get go. Moreover, the fact that the offices come fully-equipped means that the time and money you save will be better spent on improving your business elsewhere. It’s a no brainer, right?

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