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Get the most from your business broadband & TV

If you run a business, you might be considering a dedicated broadband package that can meet your needs. Aside from price, there is a big difference between consumer and business broadband. Business broadband allows companies to reach global markets, meaning reliability and speed are of paramount importance. Therefore, most business packages come with faster connections and higher levels of customer service. However, with the many available options there are today, how should you get the right one for your business?

What a Business Broadband should Offer

Some business people wonder if they really need a business broadband or simply relying on a home package is enough.

Reliability and Enhanced Service

One of the reasons you need a business package is the reliability it comes with. The packages come with enhanced services and high-tech technical and customer service support, offering guarantees to have problems fixed promptly, which is not common with home broadband. In fact, most providers pledge to get you back online on the next working day to minimise inconveniences. In the event that your provider is not able to reactivate your broadband within the agreed time, you are entitled to compensation. Most providers prioritise broadband traffic, meaning your connection is less likely to be affected by different usage patterns from other customers.

Better Security

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A compromised business broadband can lead to major disaster for you and your customers. With a business package, you can expect a superior router that can support the growth of your enterprise, keeping it safe with strong security software with the capacity to take out viruses and spam before they get to your computers. If you need the connection for about 10 computers or less, a standard residential router can do the trick. However, if yours is a large business, you may need a router that covers up to 2000 square feet for high levels of security.

Static IP Address

Most residential broadband services have dynamic IP addresses, which change each time a user connects to the internet. With the best business deals, you get a static IP address. Static IP addresses offer a variety of business-specific features that are critical to the operations of your business, and they include:

• Hosting your own server to ensure clients can connect to your broadband without complications and also enable you to receive large files
• Hosting your domain name server
• Connecting to your computer remotely from a different PC

Choose the best Business Broadband

Just as choosing a home broadband, you need to know your priorities before selecting a business package.

Speeds needed to run your Website

The kind of business you run dictates your choice of broadband. As the lifeblood of any business, internet facilitates emailing, online research, e-commerce, customer interaction, among other fundamental activities. Ideally, how much bandwidth you need depends on what you do. If you are constantly updating content, for instance, you can benefit from fast upload speeds. Superfast broadband offers speeds of up to 300mbps. 3G, which has max speeds of 21Mbps, is ideal for internet connections, and can handle calendars and emailing. A high-speed internet connection enables you to take advantage of solutions such as hosted email, cloud services, remote access and offsite backup to improve mobility, efficiency and boost disaster recovery.

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Number of Devices Used

If you depend on your mobile phone to make calls and do not need a landline, consider a broadband-only deal. Also, if you have few devices, a standard broadband connection is enough. However, if your business runs many devices, including tablets, phones and computers, a fibre connection would be your best option.

Heavy Reliance on the Website

Choose a package with strong customer support like Sky if most of your business is done online given that any minute away from your site could mean lost revenue. Invest in tech support for your hardware too.

Factors for Choosing Business Broadband

VoIP: Some deals offer you an inclusive VoIP business line for incoming and ongoing calls.
Extranet: This allows businesses to store and share information normally password-protected.
Leased or dedicated line: leased lines, just like is the case with home connections are shared with other users, making them cheaper but slow. Dedicated lines are highly reliable but a little more expensive.

There are multiple business broadband providers that offer a wide range of packages that are designed to meet certain demands. When setting up a business, find a package that best suits your requirements by comparing the various offers available.

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