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From Field to Office: Must-Have Mobile Apps for Construction Industry Workers

Construction workers have used the cutting edge tools in science and engineering for millennia. Our modern day workers are no different, but now we use our smartphones straight from our pockets. With all of these advancements in technology, we’ve kept evolving to keep up with more structural demands.

Smartphones allow us to utilize mobile apps to get the job done better. They are helpful and innovative to countless of industries. Mobile apps are changing the way construction workers build and for the better at that too.

Basic Apps for Construction

The most important app doesn’t have anything to do directly with the construction itself, but more with the job site. How many times has construction been delayed because of some bad weather? Sure, sometimes you can work around it, but for the most part we want to try and time our construction work during proper weather conditions. A weather app for android is one step towards making your planning a whole lot easier.

With a week in weather forecast and the ability to look at the application with just a glance, you’ll be able to make sure any unknown rains or other trouble with the weather won’t interrupt the work.  The power is in your hands and the construction crews’.

An app tied directly for the construction worker is something called FieldWire. Professionals in the construction industry for management designed this. These foreman on the job site delegate what is going to be done out there as well as in the offices too. It helps track how workers are doing and it comes with a list of tasks to be taken track of. There are options to add photos for the progress and look at an analytical detailed report of the work.

Additional Apps

PlanGrid is an app that helps create a collaborate effort towards building. It is much easier than a whole lot of paperwork. It connects with contractors, owners, and those doing the work. It helps management stay in charge of things and is also used by thousands of professionals.

An app like this will assist workers with managing schedules and improving their communicative ability with the rest of the team. Finally, we have Raken.

This app helps because it is innovative in the field of reporting practices. The app is another tool for management, but assists all levels of work. It will create work with time stamps on them to record what is going on and to help speed up productivity.

Order in Motion

 Overall, many of these apps are geared towards getting the logistics down. The amount of tools out there and sheer number of things that go into construction of something all need to work and flow together. Construction work has to meet a number of regulations, designer guidelines and be done in a timely manner to keep on schedule. If you’re a worker or in management, these apps will help out the whole team.

This guest post was provided by Robert Coleman who has been working in the construction industry for many years. He writes about how technology is changing industry, generally for the better and which apps he recommends.

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