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How to Gain your First 1000 Engaged Instagram Followers Systematically

How to get free Instagram followers:

Sitting with your Instagram account holding to a hope that it may grow engaged followers someday on its own would require you to wait for a long time. According to recent statistics, approximately 30% of internet users are available on Instagram. It would be pertinent to mention here that Instagram has the highest level of brand engagement with nearly 2% to 7% of users interact on every post. Most people would consider it easy to post a beautiful picture and gain more followers. However, it would take time and effort to increase free Instagram followers.

You may come across numerous tips for increasing your Instagram account. However, most of them would work with bigger accounts and may struggle with a few hundred followers. Rest assured the initial thousand followers on any social media account would be the hardest. The primary reason would be people seldom pay attention to small accounts.

A majority of Instagram followers would be your friends and family. It would be fine for a personal account, but for enhancing your business or personal brand, it may not be adequate.

You would have the opportunity to purchase followers, but those numbers would be nothing more than mere numbers. They would be useless, especially with the latest Instagram algorithm. Rest assured the engagement with the pictures has been deemed of more importance than the number of followers.

Let us delve on the systematic approach to gain free Instagram likes from your first 1000 engaged Instagram followers.

Step 1: Completing your bio

When you create the Instagram profile, consider making the most of two essential parts, namely, your username and your name. Both could appear in the Instagram search result. In such a scenario, for creating a brand around your name, consider making your name as your username.

For the business pages, you should use the business name and for the name field, you should include the keyword that briefly describes the business and the targeted audience. Do not indulge in double writing your name in the name field. However, you could do it by adding a few keywords for your business.

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Give a small introduction about yourself and the nature of work to help people get to know you more.

Step 2: Connecting to your friends

When you follow people who you know on Instagram, chances of them following you would be relatively higher. Explore Facebook and your contact list for known people. They would be notified about you following them and they may follow you back. They would be your first followers.

Step 3: Looking for the right audience

It would be in your best interest to describe the prospective audience by creating an avatar. Begin searching for other accounts serving your audience. It should not be your counterparts, but the one focusing their posts on people you wish to allure.

For people having a business of designing clothes for kids, they should search for accounts for mothers, children’s events, children’s training centers, and children’s fashion accounts. For a fitness trainer, the search criteria should revolve around fitness centers, healthy lifestyle, and sports stores account in your region. They would have the desired audience you require for your Instagram followers increasing needs. The 1000 free Instagram followers trial would be a good option to search for the right audience.

Look for accounts posting regularly and having a good engagement with their content. By creating a list of such accounts, you would be able to start engaging more followers for your brand. It would be in your best interest to go to their profiles, comment, follow their followers, and interact with new people. Get their attention and connect with them before they would be willing to purchase from you.

Step 4: Communication is vital

Communication has been an essential aspect to gain more followers and keep them glued to your Instagram list. When you communicate with the people regularly, check their feed, follow you, and keep engaged, you would keep them to your Instagram list. It would be vital to start communicating with people to engage with your post, it would appear higher in their feed.

Rest assured your posts would be competing with each other. In this manner, the post with more engagement would appear first than the one with less engagement.

Step 5: Posting content interesting to your audience

Treat your social media as a high standard online edition. Whenever you click the post button, you should inquire whether it fits your social media needs and engages well with the post. You should also inquire whether the post is worth sharing. If you have doubts about engaging with the post, rest assured the post is weak.

Step 6: Be consistent with your posts

It would be imperative that you should not be complacent with your posts. Despite your posting a few times a week, it would be vital that you post regularly. By picking a comfortable schedule for yourself, consider looking for a marathon from the first day or you would be burned quickly.

After you got used to an optimal schedule, you would be able to post more. Through regular posting, you could consistently be in touch with your followers. As a result, they would remember you easily.

Step 7: Using the right hashtags

Other people would easily discover you with the help of hashtags. You could add nearly 30 hashtags on Instagram. You could use several or all of them. It would be imperative that you choose relevant hashtags for the posted topic.

After choosing the hashtags, you should create a list of every subject you post on your Instagram account. Pick the ones having around 500,000 or fewer images. You could also choose one to three top hashtags to get a quick engagement for the post for the initial few minutes. When publishing the picture, simply copy and paste them to the capture or the initial comment.

Getting your initial thousand engaged followers would be a relatively slow process. You could use the tips mentioned above. To gain the desired results, you should use all the tips simultaneously. However, following a systematic approach would help you gain the desired 1000 engaged followers on Instagram in a month.

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